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propuestas del zapatismo yahoo dating

propuestas del zapatismo yahoo dating

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Alongside the destruction of crops and livestock, the BAZ of Comandante Abel describe a chilling scene: It is their policy of war and attrition to make us surrender.

ZAPATISTAS: Call to international solidarity - Indymedia Ireland

The campaign of attrition is just one aspect of this on-going plan to annihilate the Zapatista movement. Since the elections in July, there has been a very alarming increase in this type of attack.

Although they managed to return after a month, since that time they have lived under siege, with their land, homes, crops, livestock and possessions stolen or destroyed, enduring a constant nightmare of terror, threats and violence. Hence, it was clear from the beginning that words would be an integral part of this Campaign.

propuestas del zapatismo yahoo dating

We can see that, in this way, we are consolidating our forces and exposing the lies coming out of the mouth of the bad government of Mexico, in order to take concrete action in defence of that other possible world which the Zapatista communities have been building through their project of autonomy. We share a piece of ours with every one of you.

The message from the BAZ of San Marcos Aviles, especially from the women whose distress is palpable, contains a raw power to shock and move the strongest audience. Soon, well-known intellectuals and activists added their voice.

Propuestas del zapatismo yahoo dating

The MJB reported on another significant development in the campaign, how it has been able to attract people not previously involved with the Zapatistas: Forcing us to recognize our own humanity and interconnectedness in this world, the pain and resilience of our Zapatista compas continue to inspire and move people of all walks of life to join the struggle to support them.

Although our campaign is indeed made up of many long-time supporters and seasoned social justice veterans, the moving story of the BAZ communities has been so powerful that it has also motivated people with limited exposure to social justice struggles and literally no prior knowledge of the Zapatistas. This is the power of the true word. It enables us to continue building and strengthening our local and global struggles by reaching out to new people of good hearts to join forces and transform our world.

More messages of support for the second phase As the True Word continued to walk, more and more words joined it on its journey, continuing to inspire others to join the struggle.

ZAPATISTAS: Call to international solidarity

To safeguard their continued accumulation of wealth, it is necessary to wipe from the face of the earth all obstacles, every kind of resistance. It is not a coincidence that the Zapatista communities are being repressed. They have shown millions, throughout the whole world, a path of resistance and construction that is multiplying in the most remote places. For those from above, destroying the Zapatista movement would be a double victory: It would mean bringing down a dream made flesh, like the one we can see in the Good Government Junta of Oventic, and in so many other places.

For all these reasons, solidarity is as essential as it is urgent.

The war is everywhere. The open sessions are an opportunity for Anne Braden Program mentors, site supervisors, volunteers and allies to participate in the program.

propuestas del zapatismo yahoo dating

These sessions are a space for us to come together and learn as a larger community. Linda Burnham is the co-founder and former executive director of the Women of Color Resource Center WCRCa non-profit education, community action and resource center committed to developing a strong, institutional foundation for social change activism by and on behalf of women of color.

She has been working on racial justice and peace issues since the s and on women-of-color issues since the early s. Burnham has published numerous articles on African-American women, African-American politics, and feminist theory in a wide range of periodicals and anthologies.

A particular focus of her more recent writing, organizing and advocacy work has been welfare policy and the lives of low- and no-income women and their families.

propuestas del zapatismo yahoo dating

In Burnham was a leader of Count Every Vote, a human rights project that trained citizens to monitor the polls in the southern states. Just Cause is a membership-based organization building a powerful voice for Oakland's low-income tenants and workers. Their mission is to create a just and diverse city and region by organizing Oakland residents to advocate for housing and jobs as human rights, and to mobilize for policies that produce social and economic justice in low-income communities of color.

Dawn has over 15 years of community organizing experience. POWER is an organization that unites working class families, youth and tenants to achieve economic, racial and gender justice through organization and empowerment.