Golpe de estado 1976 resumen yahoo dating

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golpe de estado 1976 resumen yahoo dating

He later spoke to national radio from the hospital. He said he would not negotiate until the protests were called off and added that he would leave either as president or as a corpse and called on the organisers of the protest to be punished.

golpe de estado 1976 resumen yahoo dating

Have you ever been paid this well? He claimed they said they had never been better treated than through his administration and that they had not read the controversial law.

golpe de estado 1976 resumen yahoo dating

When the protesters asked him to revoke the law, he answered that he did not have the power to do so and that he would leave as president or as a corpse, and in the end he left with his "head held high". Bush "with the intention of sowing destabilization against Correa, in case the Ecuadoran president refused to subordinate himself to Washington's agenda," and that Hodges increased the budget of USAID and the NED for social and political groups that "promote US interests.

Golinger referred to the indigenous political party Pachakutik Movement 's press release on 30 September asking for Correa's resignation on the grounds that his "dictatorial attitude" had generated "serious political turmoil and internal crisis. Obama had nothing to do with this. I hope, I trust that his main authorities also didn't". Rivadeneira Tello, the head of the barracks where Correa was attacked, were detained.

In them, the policemen announce their intentions to kill the President, or have him out of office.

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He claimed prosecutors had voice recordings that implicate them. Correa also warned that there was still an ongoing conspiracy within the police ranks that could pose a threat as he called for firm punishment against accused. We have overcome the situation for now, but we cannot relax. The coup attempt may have roots out there, we have to find them and pull them up. Previously he won over military chiefs using increases in salary hikes and appointments to what were considered "cushy state jobs.

However, the international media also cited Correa's popularatiy among the poor for his spending oil largesse on welfare programmes and a firm stance against foreign investors. Kirchner takes office as President of Argentina. Kirchner took office as president of Argentina on 25 May Contrary to tradition, the ceremony was held at the Palace of the Argentine National Congress rather than Casa Rosada. He announced that he would spearhead change on many issues, from politics to culture.

golpe de estado 1976 resumen yahoo dating

The ceremony was attended by the provincial governors, Supreme Court president Julio Nazarenothe heads of the armed forces, and Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Kirchner walked to the Casa Rosada along Avenida de Mayobreaking with protocol to get close to the people, and was accidentally hit in the head with a camera. This practice of reaching out to multiple parties became known as "Transversalism".

golpe de estado 1976 resumen yahoo dating

Economy Minister Roberto Lavagnacredited with the economic recovery, was kept to ensure that Kirchner maintained the economic policies laid down during the previous administration. Sergio Acevedo was placed in charge of intelligence. Julio de Vido was appointed Minister of Federal Planning, an office similar to his provincial one. Since the appointment of relatives was not unusual in Argentina, Kirchner's appointment of his sister Alicia as Minister of Social Development was uncontroversial.

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Instead of simply proposing a new judge candidate to the Congress, the presidency first released names of a number of potential candidates, who were then evaluated by several non-governmental organizationswho assessed if the candidate was suitable as a judge. The ministry of justice compiled all the support and criticism, and the president then decided which candidate would be proposed to the Congress, which made the final decision, as under the previous system.

His policies were accompanied by a nationalist rhetoric sympathetic to the poor. Argentina was benefited by the increase of the international price of soybean and other foods.

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The energy sector suffered, and lack of investment reduced energy reserves during the s. Kirchner rejected this, promoting wage increases to reduce economic inequality [64] and extending unemployment insurance and other types of social welfare. Food industries were subsidied as well. The subsidies eventually expanded to several uncommon areas. This increased the economic activity, but also increased inflation and reduced the private investment in those areas.