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Sara Carbonero enamora con este vestido bohemio

cabello turquesa yahoo dating

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Aprende a maquillarte los ojos

They apparently used a getaway vehicle to haul away the stolen items. Agents said these robberies usually occurred between 6 p. The captured suspects were hauled to prosecutors for the continuation of the case.

Orchestra to perform free show Friday By the A. According to a statement from the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud, the concert will be held this Friday at 7: A repertoire of works by Corelli, Bloch, Samuel Barber and Mozart are expected to be performed during the concert. The show is expected to last just longer than an hour, the culture ministry said.

Aprende a maquillarte los ojos

After this show, the orchestra will be working on its seventh official season with the opening shows happening on Aug. The ensemble is expected to be joined on stage with John Nelson, a director from the United States, and Ned Titon, another American soloist. They will appear on Aug. Tickets for that show will be about 10, colones and can be purchases online or by calling.

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Students and seniors get half off when they present their cards at the gate, the culture ministry said. Israelis hosting an innovation meeting By the A. Many Israeli inventions are known by the world in several areas such as the USB or llave maya, the Mobileye, Waze, cherry tomatoes, HighSense and many more. Procomer said that the audience is primarily made up of professionals in the private and public sectors as well as in academia.

The sessions will include group discussions, case studies and creating proposals that will be judged by the panel of experts. News from the Spanish-language press Translated into English Costa Rica Report newsfeeds are disabled on archived pages. Have you seen these stories? Costa Rica Top story newsfeeds are disabled on archived pages.

However, the legislators have refused to take into consideration the draft proposed by the unions and have said several times they will use only technical information to pursue the changes. San Juan de Dios hosting blood drive By the A.

Those interested in joining the group of volunteer blood donors should come between 7 a. That goal is sometimes not met, which greatly concerns families of patients in need, Dr.

Sara Carbonero enamora con este vestido bohemio

Thanks to the process of blood fragmentation, each donor benefits about three or four patients. Molina explained that blood fragmentation involves separating the blood into its four parts: The latter is used for coagulation for patients with severe bleeding, the Caja said. Due to the bank going mobile, it will not be open during the days it is at Hospital San Juan de Dios.

Joint program seeks to spark interest in the performing arts among students By the A. Sitemap

Costa Rica staff Once upon a time, there was a program that seeks to create new audiences for performing arts. That program now has already reached at least 54, students by staging 12 shows in the last 12 months. Prices for the shows vary from zero to 3, colones, depending of the socioeconomic status of the schools, according to Kattia Grosser, director of the Vida Estudiantil department at Ministerio de Cultura.

According to Fred Herrera, director of the Teatro Nacional, the initiative has been a success, since it will not only create new audiences but better citizens who will demand quality plays and enjoy the great productions of this country, as he called them.

The visit includes a tour around the building, which this year celebrates its th anniversary. The shows scheduled for the second half of this year will resume on August 4 with a play about the life and times of Anne Frank.

Biomass could be fuel for the future By the A.

cabello turquesa yahoo dating

Costa Rica staff Dried unused vegetables, tree branches and wood production waste. The institute itself already powers some of its most electrically-demanding machines by using this technology that is based on biomass. By compacting and then burning wood and other forest waste at a degree Celsius temperature, the material turns into a gas which can be, in turn, used to power engines equipped with electricity generators.

Another possibility is to plant specific trees that produce high quantities of gas for the sole purpose of burning them. Teka and Eucalyptus are specially used for this kind of technology.

cabello turquesa yahoo dating