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stood behind the introduction of this term in the theoretical discussion dating the pronatalist family planning policies, but using antinatalist policies as well, Slovenia E-mail: [email protected] A “GIRL” IN THE YUGOSLAV . judge in France ordered Yahoo, an Internet provider from the United States, to date. It was able to document in great detail a shipment of weapons described some of the women who took part in the antinatalist goals of. Neville, harassed antinatalista yahoo dating reddit second date ideas by the battle and hostile, reads his filibusters atibans.

But in actuality, they're local fronts in a global war. And we're losing because we can barely understand how big the conflict is. By "we", I mean folks who think that the Age of Enlightenmentthe end of monarchism, and the evolution of Liberalism are good things.

The Friendly Antinatalist: Theophile De Giraud speaks at the General Assembly in Berlin

If you disagree with this, then kindly hold your breath until your head explodes. And don't bother commenting below: I'll delete and ban you on sight.

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The logjam created by the Beige Dictatorship was global, throughout the western democracies; and now it has broken. But it didn't break by accident, and the consequences could be very bad indeed. What happened last week is not just about America. It was one move—a very significant one, bishop-takes-queen maybe—in a long-drawn-out geopolitical chess game.

It's being fought around the world: Brexit was one move, the election and massacres of Dutarte in the Philippines were another, the post-coup crackdown in Turkey is a third. The possible election of Marine Le Pen a no-shit out-of-the-closet fascist as President of France next year is more of this stuff. The eldritch knot of connections between Turkey and Saudi Arabia and Da'esh in the wreckage of Syria is icing on top.

It's happening all over and I no longer think this is a coincidence. Part of it is about the geopolitics of climate change and mass migration and water wars. Part of it is about the jarring transition from an oil-based economy opposed by the factions who sell oil and sponsor denial climate change, from Exxon-Mobil to the Kremlin to a carbon-neutral one.

What makes this rare bird sighting so great, was that the Black-Chested Snake Eagle had been a long time favourite of mine, with the white wings and two-tone body. Brown Snake Eagle 9. Brown Snake Eagle Circaetus cinereus Date: Similarly to my previous experience, I had went to Helderberg Nature Reserve with no intention of targeting a specific species.

Instead it was another regular visit to the Helderberg Nature Reserve with the intention of getting a few bird photographs. I was delighted, as just days earlier one had been seen near Darling and I was contemplating taking on the odds, and trying to find it. Meanwhile, all I had to do was drive 5 minutes from my house. Harsh crop on the bird across the water 8. Citrine Wagtail Motacilla citreola Date: Initially this bird was reported as a Yellow Wagtail via social media, a bird that is quite rare in the Western Cape but has still been seen by a fair amount of people.

After I noticed the post I began contemplated twitching the bird, but was on the fence. I ended up chasing it and arriving at Strandfontein only a few hours later, but unfortunately spent ages searching with other birders for the Wagtail, but it had last been seeing flying into a reed bed and not seen since. Instead it was only the 4th Citrine Wagtail recorded within Southern Africa. Needless to say it gave me the push I needed to get in my car and drive again, on the following morning.

Once there a large number of twitchers were on the seen and the bird was picked up within a few minutes, the persistence paid off and a second visit managed to save what would have been quite a painful dip. Full story available here.

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Northern Rockhopper Penguin 7. Northern Rockhopper Penguin Eudyptes moseleyi Date: Soetwater, Western Cape Discovered by: A rare bird report was issued on the 30 January of a Northern Rockhopper Penguin in moult that had been picked up at Soetwater. I was in Kenilworth that weekend and as such it was quite a reasonable drive to try and see the bird. I arrived in the morning and unlike many other twitches I had gone on, there were surprisingly few people for such an amazing bird.

Whether it was because they had already seen it, or because the location was a little less convenient than Strandfontein for example, I am not sure. None the less, we managed to get views of the bird while not excellent as it moves between the rocks on the beach.

But shouldn't the very tiny possibility that our offspring might end up with horrible lives that they wished never to have been cursed with dissuade us? Tiny probabilities have tiny force. It's possible that I'll be struck by a meteor as I go to pick up my mail, that we're all the dream of a magic beetle that began a second ago and all our memories are false, that all the children we never have will pester us in the afterlife about not loving them enough to create them.

We discount possibilities that, though feasible, are not likely. The fact that you're reading this means you know English and have free time to waste, which indicates that your children will be among the luckiest on the planet. And there is no more reason to ignore their good fortune than the possibility of misery. Among the most laughable claims is that even though most people claim to be happy and even believe themselves to be, they're really miserable and just don't know it.

This idea stems back to the Marxists of old perplexed as to why the workers of the world did not develop class consciousness and unite to overthrow capitalism.

My Top 10 Twitches and Rare Bird Discoveries

The idea is that some thinker in their arm-chair understands the depths of your soul better than you and can invalidate any of your choices and preferences.

It is of course completely unfalsifiable, which is why Karl Popper held up Marxism as a premier example of nonsense that was taken seriously by people who should have known better. I could just as easily claim that everyone, including antinatalists, mistakenly believes that life is not at all times positively euphoric. You have no reason to take that seriously, and no more reason to believe to believe the opposite. That's not to say I'm completely above second-guessing people and claiming they don't completely understand what's going on in their minds.

Robin Hanson argues in Was Cypher Right?: We are not conscious of our real desire to spread those genes for the same reason that a White House press secretary is kept in the dark about the administration's actions and motives: In that list of superficial concerns I would include ethical philosophy or morality. We try to convince others that our behavior is good and they should change theirs to accord with our preference, yet ordinary people commit seemingly unimaginable sins all the time.

Professed antinatalists even have children. Life is not for living. It is for reproducing, and our bodies are vehicles are constructed by our genes for that purpose. In The Ancestor's Tale Richard Dawkins dates the origin of life not to metabolism but to replication with inheritance.

That's the difference between fire and living beings. The sensations and emotions we experience and the thoughts we think exist for a reason.

The reason is that the genes that result in them were able to make more copies. We judge things as positive when they are apt to result in more descendants and negative when they do the reverse. When you get kicked in the balls your genes and those of your unborn children are crying out in pain, and your feeling of satisfaction as you smoke a post-coital cigarette they aren't as up to date as the Surgeon General is them patting you on the back. So what is the motivation of parents? Are they Stirnerite egoists looking out for their own interests or devoted to their children's well-being?

We share half our genes with our offspring, so we have a large stake in them. We created them for our reasons of spreading our genes, but their mission in turn will be to spread their own genes which has a lot of overlap with our goal. Love is adaptive and our children's genes know how to tug at our heart-strings to get as big a share as they can, even if it means taking some from their less cute or demanding siblings including the helpless unborn ones.

These areas in which our genetic interests come into conflict were most famously explored by Robert Trivers, who also explained how we self-deceive in order to better deceive others. Even your noble aspirations to rise above the selfish nature are likely futile, because they were created by those same selfish genes. Any successful attempt to live rightly is going to have to swim with the tide to have any hope, and there can't be anything that fits the bill less than antinatalism.

Moving beyond the actions of the individual, what can we say about the antinatalist movement or meme? It is doomed to failure. Within America there has already been an antinatalist sect, the Shakers. You may not have heard of them because they're gone, having not-bred themselves out of existence. Success from an antinatalist perspective, right? More babies are being born now than when they were around, and why should an antinatalist care if is their children or others that are being born?

It is really a victory for non-antinatalists, who were able to take up the space otherwise occuppied. In evolutionary game-theory terms this is an extreme Dove strategy that will in short term be outcompeted and replaced by Hawks. Even if antinatalists made a perfectly compelling case against it, humanity would come to consist of people incapable of understanding it. The only hope for preventing procreation would be to hit humanity faster and more powerfully than it could respond to.

In other words, wipe it out. Furthermore, just as the disappearance of dinosaurs permitted the explosive rise of mammals and then humanity, the remaining animals species are just human-substitutes in waiting.

There's no reason once our niche is open they couldn't evolve the same capacity for suffering that we possess. So it's best to exterminate all life on earth, and they'd better make absolutely sure they don't leave the tiniest bacteria alive. But why just focus on this planet? With such a big universe it's likely life will arise somewhere else and spread across its galaxy, cruelly bringing trillions and trillions of its species into existence.

That means an apocalyptic imperative to exterminate everything anywhere in the universe, quite a big task.