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Emanuele Crialese's Nuovomondo [The Golden Door ()] powerfully expresses a trend that has characterized contemporary Italian cinema since Gianni. CrossRef citations to date The Italian film Nuovomondo () by Crialese narrates the story of the migration of a poor Sicilian family towards. Emanuele Crialese's wondrous Nuovomondo (Golden Door) recalls the First date: UK Release Date: (Limited release).

When Luce looks after a woman shocked by the death of her infant on board the ship, she suddenly doesn't look nearly so haughty as before: Throughout the harrowing voyage, Luce seeks ways to manage her landing.

She understands that she must have a man -- or at least the promise of one -- in order to enter the States, and so she bargains occasionally with the wealthy broker Don Luigi Vincent Schiavelli.

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Standing near to her, he murmurs, "I could very easily find someone who could get you out of this mess," leaving the "mess" left undefined. He introduces her to wealthy older suitors as she casts glances across the deck at the increasingly love-struck Salvatore these passing, panning, point of view shots are lovely, as each furtively steals glances at the other. Enchanted, Salvatore imagines himself swimming in a river of milk, buoyed by hope and then grabbing onto a giant carrot alongside Luce in order to keep afloat.

When at last, on the mist-shrouded deck she asks him to marry her, he says yes without a second's thought, even as she cautions that it's "not for love. Individuals are tested for "intelligence," confronted with math problems counting pigs and chickens and told to put blocks together Salvatore ignores the flat, fitting-within-a-box model and instead builds a house, describing his unusual design with a kind of self-pleased pragmatism.

The women are assembled in groups of 12 or so, set down in a room and essentially auctioned off to American men, some holding bouquets in efforts to shape their minute-long weddings into memories. From the women's perspective, you see an array of lumpy, awkward faces, while the men look on compliant-seeming, nervous prizes to be had, wearing old-world headdresses and wedding costumes. Luce holds her breath when she spots the broker Luigi in the back, angling to have her matched with his client, as she hopes still for Salvatore's bid.

In the cafeteria, Salvatore sits among tables full of strangers and tastes white bread "It's like eating a cloud," he marvels. Down the hall, Fortunata, resilient and proud, refuses to answer meddling, abstract questions. Such official efforts to maintain distinctions between vecchio and nuovo are both acute and absurd.

As Golden Door reveals repeatedly, the mixing of cultures -- exemplified in the tentative, elegant, evolving bond between Luce and Salvatore -- is at once magical, mysterious, and unavoidable. The immigrants dream of riches, hope for survival, and finally, after days of being poked and following orders, speak out. As they articulate their experiences, their desires and their losses, they imagine themselves into new lives.

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He is then shown pictures from his younger child showing money growing on trees, gigantic carrots and chicken that are ten times bigger than normal, and takes this as a sign from above to depart for the new world. This is an important aspect of the film as it develops and initiates an imaginative world that these people are about to depart into.

This will the skeleton of the film, which will keep the viewers to continue thinking of how the story will continue even after it has been watched.

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When leaving their village, Salvatore brings with him his mother Fortunata Aurora Quattrocchi who is the village doctor and has certain which powers which uses against curses, his two sons and two other women who are to be married in America.

The Boat Trip Upon arrival at the shipyard, Salvatore and his family go through the standard procedure of getting the documentation ready to depart. While waiting, a mysterious English woman appears and acts as if she travels with them.

Her name is Lucy Charlotte Gainsbourg and although she has nothing to do with the Mancuso family, Salvatore is enchanted by her beauty and therefore acts as if she really is part of the family.

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Her classy dressing and behaviour also catches the attention of all the women on the ship, to whom she becomes as an ideal female from a stylish prospective. Lucy becomes a symbol in the film, for the characters she assumes the transition that allows them to witness what the new world will hold for them, whereas the viewer gains knowledge of the reason why the immigration is occurring and what the rest of the characters aspired to be.

The long journey begins on the boat as everyone sees it leaving the coast of Sicily. Everybody is nervous, sad, and worried simultaneously since they leave everything they have and know, to go into a world that they have only heard about.

Throughout the boat trip the viewer sees compassion between everyone on the boat as if they are a big family going towards the same goal instead of separate people following their personal journey.


This unity among the third class poverty is interrupted by an upper class travelling to America and Miss Lucy. Due to the same reason she catches attention she becomes dislikes by most of the women and men in the third class. A group of men keep on trying to bribe her by telling her that they will find her a husband, apparently in return for sexual favours. Many rumours spread throughout the boat about this English woman who is travelling alone, but this does not stop the way Salvatore feels about her, which in an instance, when he hears the other men speak of Lucy becomes protective of her as if she really is travelling with his family.

Throughout the trip Lucy starts to become interested in Salvatore instead of the other men who keep bribing her, and she begins to flirt with him. Shortly upon arrival to Ellis Island Lucy asks Salvatore to marry her. Salvatore immediately replies to her by saying that he would be honoured, but she tells him that she does not want to marry him because she loves him.