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Publication date [A fictional movie bearing the title Cadaveri Eccellenti ( Illustrious Corpses in English) was made in Italy in , directed by Francesco Rosi. Release date. 12 February (). Running time. minutes. Country, Italy. Language, Italian. Illustrious Corpses (Italian: Cadaveri eccellenti) is a Italian thriller film directed by. Tina Aumont in Cadaveri eccellenti () Fernando Rey in Cadaveri eccellenti ( ) Lino Ventura eccellenti () Lino Ventura in Cadaveri eccellenti ( ) Lino Ventura and Giorgio Zampa in Cadaveri eccellenti () .. Release Date: Amazon Affiliates. Amazon Video Watch Movies & TV Online · Prime Video.

Meanwhile another investigating judge is killed, and eyewitnesses see two young revolutionaries running away from the scene. Rogas, close to finding his man, is demoted, and told to work with the political division to pin the crimes on the revolutionary Leftist terrorist groups. Rogas discovers that his phone is tapped. He seeks out the Supreme Court's president Max von Sydow in order to warn him that he is most likely the next victim.

The president details a philosophy of justice wherein the court is incapable of error by definition. Music from a party in the same building leads to Rogas discovering the Minister of Justice Fernando Rey at the party with many revolutionary leaders, amongst them the editor of the revolutionary paper Cusan is working for, Galano, and Mrs.

He and the Minister have a discussion, where the Minister reveals that sooner or later, his party will have to form a coalition with the Communist Partyand that it will be their task to prosecute the far-leftist groups.

The murder of the judges as well as Rogas's investigations help raise the tension and justify the prosecution of the far-left groups. Rogas also discovers that his suspect, Cres, is present at the party. Rogas meets with the Secretary-General of the Communist Party in a museum.

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Cadaveri eccellenti online dating

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