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The articles of the treaty delivered by the French commissioners. When Francisco Bernard returned from your Majesty and found the French ambassadors and us "so far from the points that he left them," he much desired to speak with them, and this morning went to Ardres.

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He returned before dinner, saying that President Raymont, Bushtide and Monluck would be with us after dinner. They seemed wonderfully desirous to conclude, "saying that in all things they had descended to us, saving the leaving out of the inhabitants," which if their master might honestly do it they would not trouble you therewith. And they alleged that in their wars with the Emperor in Italy and elesewhere the winners of a country always received such of the inhabitants as would submit; and in the bailiwick of Hedding, although the castle is the French king's, the inhabitants remain the Emperor's subjects; you may impose such ordinances, say they, as you will, and forbid the keeping of weapons or harness, and you shall not be cumbered with a great number, for many "are dead in the misery of these wars, both wife, child and all," and many that yet live will not come.

They requested us to send to you in that behalf; and gave as the reason why they did not mention it before that they never thought we would make difficulty therein. Monluck delivered "gentle commendations from the French king unto me, saying that, upon hope that all things had been towards a good and perfect end, he brought a letter of request from the Dolphyn to your Majesty that your Highness would vouchsafe to make his daughter a Christian soul; the which letter he swore by his faith was penned by the French king his own hands, who said that his son should have none other secretary to you but himself.

Further he saith that he had brought the King his master's commission to the Admiral of France for his coming to your Majesty with the ratification of the peace, seeming to be a sorrowful man to perceive the things so far from the purpose that he thought to have found it.

Guisnez, 29 May, 38 Hen. Upon your letters of the 23rd inst. Paston, for the sending of the captain of the galley to the King, and making secret inquisition which ship first boarded her and who gave the first chase, I despatched a servant to see the captain delivered to Mr. Paston and wrote to my lord William to deliver "all such plate, money, chains, jewels and furnitures for the poop of the galley, with all other things belonging to the same," to Sir Thos.

But, by a letter herewith from my servant fn. I send two inventories, one by the captain of the galley touching his apparel and the other made by the lieutenant declaring the apparel, money and plate in the galley, by which those who "had any doing with the things" may be charged to produce what is lacking.

Guisnes, 29 May Prays him to help that this matter may be ended one way or another, for with care and disputing Paget is thoroughly "unquieted" and "this poor gentleman S or Francisco" almost out of his wit. His coming is mainly to excuse himself to the King; and Petre should comfort him, "for men can do no more than they can.

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Upon the 9th, 10th and 11th we agree if the King be so pleased. And the rest, if the 15th were out, seem to vary little from "the substance of the matters. Professes his own resignation to God's will and the King's. Begs answer by bearer, who may be used to dissuade the Frenchmen from the 15th article if the King think it not to be accorded. Takes leave until he come himself, "either a man of peace or war. Advise my wife when to send my horses to Dover, and send me word thereof.

Has not written all this while because Paget has advertised proceedings; nor would write now but that he perceives Paget so busied. Describes how, among their controversies, maintained usque ad convicia with their friends the Frenchmen, the clause that this treaty observed and the two millions paid, Boleyn should be restored chafed not only Bouchetel " who is soon chafed " but President Remon and even the Admiral, the coldest of them all, and they baptised it as unreasonable and captious and indicating that restitution was never intended, finally requiring to have the clause struck out.

They might be induced to let some of the principal articles to be "expressed" instead, such as that if they aid the Scots, make new fortifications, or fail to pay their money at the appointed terms, the King should not be bound to restore Boleyn; but Wotton thinks that the clause might as well be omitted, for "in any treaty frangenti fidem fides frangatur eidem, in what article so-ever it be.

You may say that is what we require,—and indeed I would "pay the Emperor with the self coin that he hath forged;"—but it is not like the article the King sent us, for they affirm that "besides that that was delivered me for a true copy of the article, and afterwards was showed to my lords of Hereforde and "Wincester, sealed and signed," were these words, in effect, "as far as the league betwixt the King's Majesty and the Emperor were not derogatory nor prejudicial to the said league betwixt the Emperor and the French king.

At my late being at Arde the French commissioners showed me the copy of a letter, deciphered, from the Chancellor of France containing the comprehension of the King in their treaty with the Emperor, with the clause they speak of, and an apostyle in the margin affirming these to be the very words of the treaty. I would pass the article as they require it, as now sent over to the King.

This peace taking effect, he is to accompany my lord Admiral into France; but, having had short warning to come hither, he has nothing necessary for such a journey, nor leisure to prepare, and therefore begs that, if his going be fully determined upon, he may have leisure to come home for a few days first.

Since his last coming home, by reason of long sickness, he has never made reckoning with those who managed his private affairs in his absence. Thinks it will not be requisite to send any other with my lord Admiral thither until the French king sends an ambassador resident into England. Could not go straight hence in such a way as should be honorable to the King.

The Fugger's factor being speechless by a palsey, Vaughan, since coming to Andwerp, has not been able to speak with him until the 29th inst.

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He answered that the Fugger, having made a new contract to serve the Emperor withcrs. Talked with him to feel whether he would prolong payment of 50, or 60,l. Wherefore, seeing that the day of payment is 15 Aug. Haller nor any other, upon such bonds as the Fugger took, willing to make any emprunture, some other way must be taken by the King and Council for payment of the debt.

Haller, who in Lent last sued for performance of the promise to take 60, cr. Among merchants of Andwerp it is said that the Emperor returns shortly to the Low Countries. A merchant of Spain, named Fernando de Assa, has letters out of Spain signifying that the Duke of Medyna Sydonia and another great personage are at such enmity that many men have been slain. Dymok has written at length the cause of his imprisonment. Despatched a copy of the letter to Sir Edward Caern, the King's ambassador, praying him to sue to the Lady Regent for Dymok's delivery, and sends the original letter herewith to show the King and Council what baits they cast out for his servants.

In July next the King owes Barth. Begs him to remind the Council of this, that they may send instructions for Vaughan's dealing with Compaigne's factor, seeing that, by obligation made in England, the debt is payable in valued money. No more money will be emprunted upon the obligations of London until the sum owing to the Fugger is paid. Writes to the King the answer of the Fugger's factor, concerning Vaughan's charge from the Council, that he will neither prolong nor anticipate any of the money which the King owes him.

Meeting at Greenwich, 30 May. Hill, the money to be "made over by exchange. Legge, for marine affairs, 2,l. I wrote by Adame of Glendwneng, who travels to Carlell with merchandise, directing the letter to John Thomsone, customer, on Friday, 28th inst. Now there is such news as never was before. See my recent book for more on valuation… the art of the deal. Young companies from all over the USA, come to our GOA meetings hoping to meet one or more Angel Investors who can help them launch their dreams and fuel their rocket ships.

In the last 12 months of GOA meetings across the country, we have found capital for 12 young companies from 50k to 39MM with the largest being a capital funding for the Symphony Senior Living project in Henry County south of Atlanta. We had just re-opened the Santa Fe Gathering of Angels the previous week at Buffalo Thunder Resort and had 4 presenters and a good showing of local Angels. The Mayor wanted to include Gathering of Angels in his economic development efforts for his administration.

He has a keen interest in young entrepreneurial companies and their capital needs. Below are several photos from this important meeting in Santa Fe City Hall. We had 19 Angels in the room and all enjoyed a light supper with red and white wine.

The venue at Buffalo Thunder was amazing on the 5th floor in the Executive Lounge with exceptionally good service and amenities.

Several of our presenters stayed at the resort but we chose to stay closer in the CBD of Santa Fe and enjoyed Indian Market and trips to Madrid to the south and Taos to the north. Learning more about the importance of an entrepreneur business plan… The business plan is paramount in any new business venture.

It should be at least 25 to 35 pages long, and should be created by the entrepreneur who owns the business… probably you! While it is true that many people hire professional writers and business specialists to produce business plans for them, this is not a good idea.

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A committed entrepreneur will develop the business plan, even if it takes a very long time to do. This is because a successful entrepreneurial business plan will come from both the head and the heart of the person who has the business vision. You can ask a professional to proofread the finished article and correct spelling and grammar, but you cannot ask anybody else to create the concept. In the previous chapter that discussed angel investors, we stressed the importance of business plans.

We also mentioned the executive summary that is part of every business plan. The new venture might be based on the most brilliant innovative ideas, but until the business plan is formulated on paper, it is meaningless to prospective investors.

In fact, without a business plan, no new business is likely to succeed and thrive. Why do I need to write a Business Plan?

Henry VIII: May 1546, 26-31

The business plan is essentially a blueprint for the business. Amongst other things, a business plan indicates how you will get customers and clients; who will be needed to run the business; and how seed and early stage capital will be raised. It will also state how much money is needed to start the business, and will forecast how long it will take to make a profit.

But unless there is a carefully thought out, well-crafted business plan, in writing, even the most interested investors are likely to back off. Both angel investors and venture capitalists will study the business plan before agreeing to invest.

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They might even re-write portions of the plan and adjust projections, sometimes discounting them by up to 50 to 75 percent before agreeing to write a check or issue a term sheet. But the business plan is more than just motivation for investors to lend you money. The business plan defines the business and explains how it will work and what will make it successful.

Once the business starts to operate, this will form essential guidelines for running the business. It should remain an accessible reference guide for everyone involved in the management of the business, as well as those who agree to invest.

5angels dokument online dating

Where can I find help and assistance in the creation of my Business Plan? Many professionals advertise their services to write business plans and grant applications. But there are two problems: No outside party can guarantee investment Entrepreneurs should always write their own business plans An alternative to hiring someone to write your business plan for you is to use the services of an external consultant to advise and assist.

However, even this can result in a more generic, less entrepreneurial business than the one you have conceived in your head. One vital aspect of business plans that entrepreneurs often struggle with is the financials.

This is one part of the business plan that might need the input of a professional accountant — to compile financial documents from information supplied by you, or to review the finished statements.

But on the whole, the best solution for any dedicated entrepreneur is to go it alone, starting with a professional template of sorts. There are sample business plans on the Internet as well as excellent software that will create business plan templates for different industries. There are also many good books that provide comprehensive guidelines that outline what should be included in a business plan, and how it should be structured.

Books also give thorough guidelines on how to write business plans. The seven basic parts of a well-drafted business plan are discussed in the next section. What are the seven basic parts of a well-drafted Business Plan?

The basic structure for any business plan is the same, even though there will be differences in content, depending on the specific industry the business fits into.

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For example, if the business offers services, the business plan will not include a production plan, but if it is going to be involved in manufacturing, it will. In addition to a cover page and executive summary, these are the elements that should be covered.

Some can be split if need be. Business description that explains the purpose of the business including the products and services that will be offered.