Rules for dating a volleyball player

Volleyball stereotype: Women play, men coach |

rules for dating a volleyball player

Sep 10, Volleyball rule prohibiting player-coach affairs, the seriousness of their .. While the risks involved when coaches date athletes who play for. Aug 17, Do you have what it takes to be a sports superstar?. Unlike most sports, in which players most often remain at one position throughout the game, volleyball players rotate through all six spots on the court, unless.

rules for dating a volleyball player

It was a blast, but it just wasn't something I saw myself doing forever. George — who played at Illinois State — said she hears from both men and women in coaching about the increasing demands of the job, and the impact on their families. But biologically, men can postpone child rearing longer, said former Illini head Coach Don Hardin. And women may have more of a "guilt factor," said George, who speaks often to women's groups about the challenges of raising a family as a coach.

You're giving up some of your personal freedom. If you truly enjoy it, and you're passionate about it, you can make that work," she said. George met her husband in college and they later got engaged when she was coaching at North Dakota State. They moved together to the University of Texas-Arlington, where he could find a job in athletic marketing and development.

She got pregnant with the first of two sons while coaching at Western Michigan. I wasn't that person who wanted to be a mom all my life.

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I was so career-oriented," she said. One night, she told her husband, "Something's gotta give. I can't do this. I will not sacrifice our children, the way we want to raise our family, for coaching.

We know all the football and basketball players.

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Don't stop being a coach,'" George said. It was a turning point, "knowing I could do it because I had their support. She couldn't be a "normal mom," going to Valentine's parties at school, but her boys went to bowl games and Final Four championships.

And inGeorge became the first female coach to take a women's volleyball team to the Final Four, with Texas-Arlington.

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In fact, a lot of "very, very sincere and well-intentioned" athletic directors frequently call DeBoer's office looking for recommendations for women candidates. But she said unintentional bias can play a role. When the top 25 teams, year after year, are predominantly coached by men, it's easy for administrators — and even players — to say, "Wow, it sure looks like men are better coaches," DeBoer said.

The vast pool of women college players produces plenty of female assistant coaches.

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But it takes a long time — perhaps 10 to 12 years — to get a coveted coaching position in a top conference, DeBoer said. And in the meantime, women are getting married and making decisions about whether to start a family. But it's harder for women to get the top jobs," said former Louisville head coach Anne Kordes, who stepped down in November to raise her young daughter. Kordes said she never felt like being a woman was a disadvantage when competing for a job, and she was flooded with offers after showing early success at St.

But she never bit, even passing up a "dream job" at Colorado, because she wanted to stay close to family in Louisville. She had taken her first job as an Indiana assistant while still in college.

rules for dating a volleyball player

Hardin, who helped coach her as a youth, called a few months later and asked her to be his recruiting coordinator. She declined out of loyalty to Indiana. But then another female coach told her: No man would ever pass up a better opportunity, better pay, something that will put them to the next level faster.

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It's something I fully endorse and look for at every opportunity," said Whitman, who hired a woman volleyball coach when he was at Wisconsin-LaCrosse. There are practical considerations, of course, like the postgame locker room. But those sorts of things are easily worked out, Hardin said.

Women assistants would go in first to make sure the coast was clear, and most locker rooms have separate meeting areas. Most Top 25 male head coaches hire a younger female recruiting coordinator to relate to young girls, DeBoer said, though "there are a lot of older coaches who are really, really good at connecting with young players.

Player 1, the server, moves into the 6 spot in the center of the back row. Everyone else moves down one number, with the player formerly in position 6 moving to position 5, and so on.

Failing to rotate, or rotating into the wrong position, constitutes a violation. Starting Positions When the ball is served, each of the six players on both teams must be in a proper position, with three players spread laterally across the front row and the other three in the back row. Player positions are judged by the locations of their feet. Right- and left-side players must be closer to the their respective sidelines than the players in the middle of the rows.

Overlapping Penalty If a player is out of position when the ball is served, the team is called for a positional fault.

rules for dating a volleyball player

The offending team loses the point and, if the penalized team was serving, the service goes to the opposite team. After the ball is served, players may move freely on the court without penalty.

Considerations Rotation and overlapping rules are consistent for indoor volleyball play throughout the United States, including high school and college play.

The rules also apply to the international game. The rotation rules do not apply to beach volleyball. References 2 Strength and Power for Volleyball: