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Feb 16, Proactiv, which went on sale in Boots this week, has (or so the infomercials All this might well be impressive, but the key ingredients - benzoyl. Jan 4, A Cosmo staffer reviews the Proactiv spot treatment to see if it really works on acne prone skin. (plus they smell like bubblegum). They sink. Buy Proactiv Skin Smoothing Exfoliator at Amazon UK. Free delivery on Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews Date First Available, 18 Aug.

Do not do business with Proactiv directly unless you like your money stolen from you under threats of collection.

After subscribing to their monthly Proactiv MD kit, my wife gave the product a fair shot for about 5 weeks. It resulted in further breakouts and extremely dry skin, even with their recommended steps.

She stopped paying for the product as she did not want to use it anymore, yet they continued to send monthly shipments and bills for product that she did not want. After several phone calls and rendering payment for product she did not wish to use, they sent yet another shipment.

A bill soon followed which she promptly disputed and then later set up a return. Over the phone, Proactiv accepted the return and it was sent back a couple weeks later.

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Livid at this point, we attempt to deal with this one more time via phone, just to be told the product was returned outside the 60 day guarantee window, even though it was sent back only 2 weeks after they authorized the return via phone, and sent via Priority Mail so it would be received in a timely manner.

In short, nobody on the phone would nullify the bill for the product that Proactiv acknowledged they received via return, and insisted the amount must be paid in full. I even caught one individual twice on the phone admitting to their shady billing and cancellation practices and that agreeing that it was no way to do business.

This is because despite the inclusion of many anti-inflammatory soothing ingredients like aloe and chamomile benzoyl peroxide can still be very drying and irritating to the skin especially when used daily. Story continues "The active ingredient, Benzoyl Peroxide, is not in any way new, and won't do any better than a standard Benzyl Peroxide product in the market," says Dr Chopra. Many people are allergic to ingredients such as these.

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Dermatologist Elaine Mummery, founder of the Elaine Mummery Acne Clinicpoints out that Proactiv is offering a simple solution to a problem that's often much more complicated. Products such as Proactiv are designed to side track people from finding the real solution to acne. Cut your chemical skincare count ] Who it might work for However, even those warning that Proactiv isn't doing anything new also point out that the products contain ingredients that can definitely work wonders on certain skin types.

Tina Richards was particularly impressed with the ingredients contained in the cleanser and repairing lotion. It's antibacterial and healing - but remember that it does dry the skin. Kaolin is a clay that is good for drawing out oil and impurities from the skin. Zinc and titanium oxides are excellent gentle broad spectrum sunscreen ingredients.

Linoleic acid and arachodonic acids are natural fatty acids which are both moisturising and anti-inflammatory on the skin. Will you be battling the crowds at Boots to try their famous three-step system for yourself? The other good point is the nice matte finish. I definitely like the addition of salicylic acid that is a beta hydroxy acid, to help exfoliate the skin. Yet, the dosage is a bit low….

The moisturiser is packed with nice botanical actives such as kojic acid, licorice extract and bearberry that are known to brighten complexion and fade the acne scar marks.

They also used some actives to hydrate and soothe the skin during the treatment. If it was used at a lower percentage, that would be less troublesome, but here from the list on ingredients, you can definitely see it is the 4th ingredient in the list, which means a pretty high percentage in the cream.

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It is paraben free, like the other 2 products, which is good. Better be safe than sorry…. I found the cream was not hydrating enough, and had to reapply some more cream throughout the day. And to some extent, when you apply too much, it starts to be a bit heavy. So it is not thick per se but it felt a bit occlusive.

I prefer products that are lighter especially for oily parts of my face. Besides, the doses of active ingredient are quite low. So the good point is that your skin should not over react, the bad point is that it may take you much longer to reach the results you want.

What were our Results after 1 month? I tried the whole system for a month; it was pretty easy to follow as you only have 3 steps. It took me every day around 20 minutes. I mean, after the first week, I simply felt a bit of dryness but I thought it was pretty normal as my skin was probably getting used to this new acne skin treatment. Yet, skin looked as if my acne was improving in spite of the dryness.

At least during the first week…. Because in the middle of the 2nd week, things started to be worse. My face skin was more and more irritated and dry.

Proactive skincare has arrived in the UK – but is it worth your money?

I started having red patches and tiny break outs that was hard to hide with make up. I guess the more I wanted to hide them with some foundation, the worse it became.

So I tried avoiding any make up to see how it would evolve. I spent the last 2 weeks with an irritated and dry face, I call it the ugly acne face which was red on the cheeks and the chin. Surprisingly my forehead was not red or irritated at all. But frankly who cares, when your cheeks and chin are so red you look like a lobster ; The thing is I have already used topical products with much higher doses of benzoyl peroxyde, and I never had that drying effect.

I wonder if it is the association of the salicylic acid and the benzoyl peroxyde. And it was also the first time I had used a cleanser with BPO benzoyl peroxyde as well. So maybe the combination is maybe too aggressive and harsh. Benzoyle peroxyde is way more aggressive than salicylic acid so it would have been probably better to decrease or remove the Benzoyl peroxide from the cleanser and increase the dosage of salicylic acid and avoid to use so many pore clogging ingredients in the face cream complexion perfecting hydrator So, it was not the best experience from an acne skincare system and results was far from what I expected.

My acne did not improve and I had to find ways to fix that irritation and dryness issues afterwards. If you had the same issues as me, you could maybe: Well what about the price?