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Original run, November 19, – April 15, Taylor Horn will also reprise her role as Maria Anderson, and Taylor Lautner will return as Adam After finding out that Chris is dating, they did not told Amy about it for a week. . Notes: Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift used to date with each other, but the both split up. Nov 17, One is played by Taylor Lautner and one is played by Robert Pattinson in Valentine's Day (appearing with his then-girlfriend Taylor Swift — I know that). . It's like a cheetah driving a Camaro or a jaguar driving a Jaguar. .. Rudin Bugging Him About Social Network Sequel A lot's gone down since See more ideas about Taylor lautner, Celebrities and Celebrity crush. Taylor Lautner Photoshoot > Star ambassador promo Tyler Lautner, Taylor Jacobs .

Apple; Google; Microsoft in fifth place, Samsung in eighth place and Intel in ninth. The Number 2 officer at the military command in charge of all U.

Strategic Command, is suspected in a case involving counterfeit gambling chips at an Iowa casino. The suspension took place more than three weeks ago, but wasn't announced at the time. The retrial of Amanda Knox for the killing of her British roommate, Meredith Kercher, will begin today September 30th in Italy, but the year-old American won't be there.

Knox and her Italian ex-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were convicted in of murdering Kercher, but their convictions were overturned in for lack of evidence, and both were freed after four years behind bars. Knox returned home, but Italy's Supreme Court decided last year to retry the case, saying the jury that acquitted Knox didn't consider all the evidence, and that discrepancies in testimony needed to be answered.

Knox isn't going back for the retrial, however, saying she's afraid they'll send her back to prison. If the court convicts her, Knox will be ordered to return to Italy. If she refuses, Italy could request her extradition, but it's not clear if the U. Sollecito also won't be there -- he told CNN he plans to stay in the Dominican Republic with a friend and has no immediate plans to return to Italy.

Never let it be said that any error is too old or too trivial for the New York Times to correct itself. Readers of the Times' corrections on Friday September 27th likely got a chuckle out of the one that read: The brothers Mario and Luigi, who appear in this and other Nintendo games, are plumbers, not janitors.

Here are the results of this weekend's National Football League Games Home teams are listed in italics: Miami Dolphins at New Orleans Saints 8: The Miami Marlins' Henderson Alvarez threw a no-hitter on the last day of the regular season Sunday September 29th against the Detroit Tigers, and he clinched it in an usual way, completing the feat while in the on-deck circle.

It was the bottom of the ninth inning with the bases loaded, two outs, and the score when the Marlins scored the lone and winning run of the game on a Luke Putkonen wild pitch, and the year-old Alvarez began to celebrate with his teammates in the on-deck circle. Alvarez needed the run for his no-hitter to be official, because only complete games of nine or more innings with no hits count as no-hitters.

The no-hitter ended a dismal season for the Marlins, who had the worst record in the National League at The Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays will play a one-game tiebreaker tonight September 30th for the second American League wild-card after both won their games on the last day of the regular season yesterday to end in a tie for the spot. The winner of their game tonight in Texas will play the Cleveland Indians -- who clinched the first wild-card berth yesterday -- in another one-game matchup.

The flame was lit using reflected sun's rays in a ceremony held in the ruins of the Temple of Hera and carried out by actresses dressed as ancient priestesses. The torch's journeys before arriving in Sochi will include being carried in a hot-air balloon, on a dog sled and in a nuclear-powered ice breaker, and even up to the International Space Station.

Your browser does not support iframes. MOM - Bonnie and Christy put aside their differences to handle a family crisis. Smoove, Moby posted by Jessi at 5: The winner of the Little Miss Hispanic Delaware contest has been stripped of her crown because of concerns that she isn't Hispanic.

On Saturday September 28thit was reported that 7-year-old Jakiya McKoy lost the title two weeks ago. Some critics believe the decision was because she is black and not Latina.

Pageant organizers require contestants to be 25 percent Hispanic. Maria Perez, president of Nuestras Raices, said that the child brought did not have proof that she was Hispanic. Perez said McKoy will be given the crown if she can prove that she is 25 percent Hispanic.

A Boston bar canceled plans to sell election themed drinks because mayoral candidate, John R. Connolly is a recovering alcoholic.

The bar planned to keep a tab of how many eight dollar drinks were sold as an unofficial poll. Residents of Scott Township, Pennsylvania are in a battle over concrete pillars that look like male gentiles. The pillars called bollards, were erected to keep traffic from driving into nearby structures.

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In theory, most locals were behind the idea, but the shape of the bollards have risen concerns. According to resident Pat Martin, "People are laughing at it. They're calling it Penis Road. A conservative Saudi Arabian cleric has said women who drive risk damaging their ovaries and bearing children with clinical problems.

The statement comes after activists are trying to end the Islamic kingdom's male-only driving rules. In an interview on Friday September 27thSheikh Saleh bin Saa al-Lohaidan said woman aiming to over turn the ban on driving should put "reason ahead of hearts, emotions, and passions".

He claimed that studies show that women who drive suffer ovarian problems. He did not cite a specific medical study. A teenage cashier was fired for giving discounts to poor at a Goodwill store.

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The cashier was arrested on felony charges for giving broke customers off the book discounts, but the store decided not pursue charges. The teenager said, "Goodwill is a giving and helping company, so I took it upon to myself to be giving and helping because I feel people deserve it," WBBS posted by Jessi at 5: It turns out iPhone and iPad users aren't all thrilled with Apple's latest update to it's operating system. Many users have logged onto Apple's forums to complain about iOS 7's new parallax and zoom features, which they say are causing motion sickness, vertigo, nausea and headaches.

One poster wrote, "The zoom animations everywhere on the new iOS7 are literally making me nauseous and giving me a headache. It's exactly how I used to get car sick if I tried to read in the car. A British survey reveals one-in-eight single men say they'd rather take a new iPhone than a girlfriend. To find this, SaleLand. Men who hypothetically opted for the phone would be glad to know there's an app called My Virtual Girlfriend that lets you pretend to date a 3D avatar.

New research finds women will judge a man's hotness by what type of music he has playing on his personal website. To find this, researchers from the University of Miami listen to the background music of various men's websites and then rate what they heard. They found that women rated the same guy to be percent more attractive if his background music was heavy metal compared to classical music. Study authors explain this happens because gender stereotypes influence attraction even online and women associate rebellious behavior with sex appeal.

New research from the UK finds that children who walk to school have better concentration and may have a reduced need for ADHD medication. To finds this, more than 2,students were surveyed, and researchers say percent of those who reported walking to school reported feeling calmer and more able to concentrate when they got there.

The kids who walked also said they felt healthier and looked better. One researcher explains, saying, "Physical activity improves brain elasticity, which allows children to learn. Exercise also releases endorphins, which make you more relaxed. A new survey from the UK finds that women feel their clothing gets outdated faster due to social media. In fact, the average woman surveyed believed that percent of her clothing is unwearable.

Many said it was because of their photo being posted to Facebook or Instagram while wearing it, while others said it was due to how certain clothing fit, or that it was too wrinkled or unwashed. Sixty-seven percent of women said they find it traumatic to have to find something to wear for a special event, and percent said they usually end up buying something new.

A survey from a insurance comparison site finds that most people consider their partner a very distracting passenger to have while driving. Thirty-five-percent of respondents admitted that their passengers affect their driving behavior, and when asked who their most distracting passenger was percent said their partner.

Twelve-percent named hitchhikers as their most distracting passenger, and percent said their parents were the most distracting passengers. The survey found that younger drivers are more distracted by their passengers, and of the two-thousand people surveyed, percent said they feel nervous when they have someone traveling in the car with them. New research out of Turkey finds that wearing sunglasses may help ward off allergy symptoms. To find this, researchers administered nasal spray to seasonal allergy sufferers, then asked half to wear sunglasses.

Researchers say those who worse sunglasses required less anthistamine and reported fewer eye-related allergy symptoms. Researchers explain this happens because sunglasses block out pollen and UV rays, both of which can activate allergy symptoms in the eyes.

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Other researchers say it makes sense, as your eyes are connected to your nose. Men's Health posted by Jessi at 5: First Amendment groups are concerned about a new California law signed by the governor last week that targets paparazzi who take photos of celebrities' children. Politico cited NPPA general counsel Mickey Osterreicher as saying, "The fact that somebody is taking a picture or recording an image is normally a First Amendment protected activity when it's done in public where there's no reasonable expectation of privacy, so kind of creating these little spheres around children I think is problematic.

The report said having the expanded playoff field would offset lost revenue from the pre-season game elimination, and could lead to additional TV revenue for the league. Because he is not afraid to incur the wrath of even some of his fans for the greater good of drawing attention to himself.

And for those people who say, 'Ted Cruz, he hung himself.

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Just like Miley Cyrus, she came out the winner in that. Everybody said, 'Oh, she's ruined her career. I think Ted Cruz is going to be the winner too. The song's writer, Dallas Davidson, and singer Justin Moore have weighed in on the controversy and it's clear they have Luke's back.

As a singer and songwriter, Thomas Rhett says it's okay to dislike certain songs, and even tell the singer privately, but to tell it to the masses is another story. I'm not gonna do it. I mean, there's definitely songs that I like better than others. There's songs that I don't like, but who am I to get on Twitter of all things and tag that person and tell 'em that I hate their song and it's the worst thing I've ever heard, cause I feel like everybody that I know in country music I've met and I've become friends with, and I mean, if we're being honest, like I go back to like my first single, 'Something To Do With My Hands,' like it was a good song I guess, but it's not one that I repeat on my iPod, and if Luke Bryan hated it and he wanted to tell me that to my face I would probably laugh with him, to tell you the truth, but there didn't seem to be any laughter going on in that tweet, and that's just not something that I would do, to tell you the truth.

I'm not trying to burn any bridges or start any fires. The group has announced they will picket Blake's show in Kansas City on Thursday October 3rd because, according to their website, he is an "adulterer. Now I'll never be able to go on!!! Please please I beg. Disney Channel announces that the season would be shot in high definition for the first time following the success for Sonny with a ChanceWizards of Waverly Place and The Suite Life on Deck. Filming Edit Filming for the season finale of Best Friends Forever has began on January 29, and finished on May 22,and the entire franchise was done for good.

The show scheduled to taped more than 10 episodes to end the Best Friends Forever franchise for good. Also Dakota Fanning will reprise her role as Cassie Hilliard. She is also working on filming her newest movie Jane Hoop Elementary: The Final Rushwhich she can have time to get a break from filming the film, in order to her to continue on filming her TV series.

Also to Alyson Stoneralso reprise her role as Amy Abraham. Dylan Patton stated he will not return as Zack Fosterbut the producers plan states they won't let anyone else to play Zack.

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Patton than changes his mind and reprise his role on last time. Jason Dolley also reprise his role as Chris Taylorbut will not be part as the main character, due to filming Good Luck Charlieas he will be instead be part as a recurring cast. The character is set going away on tour, which was not revealed after the third season. It was reported that Justin Gaston will only be appearing into two episodes as Bradley Johnson is an crossover and a series finale. But turns out that Gaston deciced to join as main character.

Even though he is absent in a couple of episodes, his name did not appear in the opening title. Shanica Knowleswho portrayed as Becky Adams as recurring from seasonswill now become a main character into this season as she reprised her role as Becky Adams.

This also goes to Sahara Gareywho will also become a main character in this season, since she is recurring from three previous seasons as Emmetta Elizabeth. Letting Becky and Emmetta becoming main characters is due to The Sasha Sisters, those who they were sign up for, were seen in a couple of episodes. Their characters are reported that four of them moved to another school for their senior year together.

Guess stars The guess stars will be included in this season finale.