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Getting Your Driver's Licence

Asiandatenet is the service to help you to meet new friends, pen pals, a lover and even a life mate in Benoni. Each person in the vehicle must have a working seatbelt. However, if your accompanying driver is a driving instructor, you may drive on any road.

You must not drive between midnight and 5 a. You must pass a road test of your driving skills to move to Level Two. At this time, you will be given a Class G2 licence. Bring the following items to the test: Two pieces of identification Money for test fees — cash, debit or credit card Glasses or contact lenses if you need to wear them to drive G1 exit test — checklist Before taking the G1 exit test, make sure you have studied the Official MTO Driver's Handbook.

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Money for test fees if applicable Glasses or contact lenses if you need to wear them to drive Arrive at least 30 minutes before Road Test appointment Level Two Class G2: Level Two lasts at least 12 months. At this level, you have more privileges because of your driving experience. In addition, the following restrictions apply between the hours of midnight and 5 a. In the first six months after receiving your G2 licence, you are allowed to carry only one passenger aged 19 or under. After six months with your G2 licence and until you obtain your full G licence or turn 20, you are allowed to carry up to three passengers aged 19 or under.

The passenger restrictions for G2 drivers aged 19 and under do not apply if you are accompanied by a fully—licensed driver in the front passenger seat, or if the passengers are members of your immediate family a guardian or those related to you by blood, marriage, common—law relationship or adoption.

After 12 months at Level Two, you may take a road test to qualify for full licence privileges. You must pass this test to get a Class G licence. It is now law that all young drivers 21 and under, regardless of licence class, must have a blood-alcohol level of zero.

A restricted Class M licence for limited-speed motorcycle and moped drivers allows licence holders to drive only a limited-speed motorcycle and moped. You are not permitted to drive a limited-speed motorcycle or moped on any driver's licence other than a class M licence including M1, M2 L ,M2, M L or M. For more information on how to obtain a restricted Class M licence to drive a moped, and graduated licensing requirements, please read the Official MTO Motorcycle Handbook.

Road tests Road tests check your driving skills in the vehicle and in traffic. You will be tested on your ability to follow the rules of the road and safe driving practices. The Level One road test deals with basic driving skills. The Level Two road test deals with more advanced knowledge and driving skills. Your performance in each of the tests will tell you whether you need more training or practice.

When you feel qualified to drive safely and confident enough to take your road test, contact the Road Test Booking Call Centre at oror go online to the Ministry of Transportation website, to schedule an appointment. If you are unable to keep the appointment, call the Road Test Booking Call Centre or go online to cancel your test.

If you fail to attend or you cancel your appointment without providing at least 48 hours notice, your prepaid road test fee will not be refunded. You must bring the appropriate vehicle to each of your road tests. Make sure it is in good working order and you feel comfortable driving it.

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Bring your current licence to the appointment. If you are a Level One driver, an accompanying driver must come with you to the test centre. If you are a Level Two driver, please be prepared to take alternate transportation home in case you fail your road test and are unqualified to drive. No pets or passengers other than the driver examiner are allowed in the vehicle during a road test. All road tests have a set time frame. Before you begin your test, the examiner will inform you of the amount of time you have to complete the test.

You will not be asked to do anything illegal during the road test. The examiner will explain the test, and you should follow her or his instructions. The examiner is not allowed to coach you during the test, so if you have any questions, ask them before you begin. While the Level One road test checks your basic driving skills, the Level Two road test is much more demanding.

You should learn the proper driving skills as soon as you become a Level One driver so you can get as much driving experience as possible before taking the Level Two test. For the Level Two test, you must demonstrate a high level of driving skill and knowledge. You will also have to show that you can drive well on a freeway or high-speed highway.

While you are taking the test, the examiner will be watching to see how well you control your vehicle and perform such driving tasks as starting, stopping, turning, parallel parking and three-point turning. The examiner will check your observation skills, including when and how often you use the mirrors, where you look, and how you respond to traffic, signs, pavement markings and possible hazards.

You will be tested on how well you manage the space around your vehicle, your ability to make safe lane changes and how closely you follow and stop behind other vehicles.