Scooby doo mystery incorporated shaggy and velma dating games

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scooby doo mystery incorporated shaggy and velma dating games

App Trailer | Scooby-Doo Mystery Cases . The Mystery Inc gang visits Velma's Aunt Play Free Games and Watch Clips with Shaggy Rogers | WBKids Go!. Scooby-Doo | Mystery Inc. Luminaries . Scaredy Cats Scooby & Shaggy | Classic Cartoon Compilation | WB Kids The Mystery Inc gang visits Velma's Aunt. Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated Characters. The sleepy town of Crystal Cove is a hot spot for all things spooky. It's up to Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and.

At least, when referring to their profiles. In terms of personality, Daria was hardly the most optimistic person to ever grace our television screens. As the only sane person in her neighborhood, the intelligent teenager used sarcasm and cynicism as a coping mechanism. Mystery Incorporated's Velma could easily be Daria in disguise. While the detective tends to generally be the most normal member of the team; in this incarnation, disdain and sarcasm are Velma's main personality traits. The bright teenager can handle real estate agents dressed up as black knights or ghosts, but she draws the line at big red shoes and fake noses.

As the story developed, Velma revealed that her fear arose from a terrifying childhood experience, one that ended with an obnoxious clown destroying her encyclopedia collection.

No matter the group, there will always be someone who dislikes clowns. When she puts her mind to something, the private eye is willing to go to the ends of the Earth to see it through. While certain series attempt to subvert this stereotype, the vast majority of Meganekko characters go along with the norm.

Velma might not be an anime character, but she was one of the first examples of a Meganekko. In an early version of the Japanese dub, her name was even changed to Megako. As Velma's personality has progressed considerably sincerecent incarnations of the sleuth have left this trope in the dust. In an attempt to boost ratings, Hanna-Barbera gave birth to Scrappy-Doo! Easily, the studio's most beloved persona The annoying puppy proved an instant hit and quickly revived interest in the Great Dane's adventures.

So, what was she doing during that period? Well, the intelligent detective made the most out of her free-time by becoming a research assistant at NASA. Yes, she went from driving around in a van to working for one of the most prestigious organizations in the world. Luckily, Velma was allowed back into Mystery Incorporated. That much can be taken as fact, but it also feels like a gross understatement.

Rather than young adults, Mystery Incorporated's members were still in Junior High, meaning Velma was around years-old. Taking her "smart-girl" persona to its absolute limit, kid Velma designed and created a computer light years ahead of anything that was on the market. Why is the 20th century's greatest mind wasting her time solving mysterious? NASA could use a Velma.

Fred acted as the leader and creator of misguided plans, Daphne filled the damsel-in-distress part, while Shaggy and Scooby brought the humor.

In Velma's case, she usually found clues and solved the mystery, but her intelligence was not presented as the crux of her character. As the years slipped by, Mystery Incorporated started to depend more and more on Velma. There is always a disgruntled real estate owner hiding behind the ghostly mask. Despite their history, the gang tends to approach any given mystery from the perspective that the monster might actually be real. Real estate owners deserve the benefit of the doubt!

scooby doo mystery incorporated shaggy and velma dating games

To be fair, the evidence backed up her claim. In some cases, people discover an inner strength they never knew they possessed, one capable of seeing them through a difficult period. When it comes to Velma, her power manifests in a more literal sense; as, suddenly, the year-old teenager managed to lift like nobody's business!

Still, this happens often enough to establish the teenager's prowess as a defining characteristic. Each of the game's four levels starts with a cutscene of the Mystery Machine van driving along with the characters setting up the next mystery. The object of the game is to find clues to solve each of the four mysteries in the game.

These clues can be obtained by finding them in the open, completing a specific task, or having Scooby "sniff out" hidden clues in each area.

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These clues give the players Mystery points and more points can be earned in the bonus levels. If the player accumulates 10, points, they will receive an extra life. In addition, the player must avoid hazards such as small creatures, falls from high areas, or the main monster of each level. Each of these will add to the players "Fright Meter" which, if full, will result in the player losing a life. At the beginning of each level, only a small portion of the level will be accessible, but as more clues are found, more areas can be explored.

Shaggy and Scooby can talk with various members of Mystery Incorporated during the game.

scooby doo mystery incorporated shaggy and velma dating games

Daphne periodically gives the duo Scooby Snacks that decrease the fright meter. Velma analyzes clues brought to her that help unravel the mystery and give the players clue points. Once enough clues have been gathered, Velma will send Shaggy to Fred to help him build a trap to catch the monster using specific items the player gathers.

The player then has to lure the monster into the trap, thus capturing it so Fred and company can reveal its true identity. Contents [ show ] Physical appearance Shaggy is a lanky Caucasian male in his late teens. He has a shaggy appearance like his name suggests, not always grooming his dusty blond hair or shaving regularly.

He wears a dark green shirt with red pants and black shoes.

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Personality Shaggy is the comical member of the gang who prefers to be eating rather than going on mysteries. He is very cowardly, often scared by the monsters they chase, and vise versa. He shares his fear of monsters and love for food with Scooby. He has a strong bond with Scooby, and when he started dating Velma Dinkleyhe wanted to wait until his friend would be ready to hear the news.

An even harder shock was when he caught them kissing outside Shaggy's home. Scooby and Velma soon gave him an ultimatum on who he wanted to be with more.