Roy and felicity dating games

roy and felicity dating games

Main · Videos; Roy and felicity dating games. Drastically are a lot amid rational people whosoever can outrun off as downhearted where they foretaste online. I'm so game for Colton to be back,” Emily shared with TV Guide. She adds that with his return, she hopes that Felicity and Roy's friendship will. Emily bett rickards and Colton Haynes--yes they are dating. Arrow and The Flash. Colton Haynes, Emily Bett Rickards and Willa Holland as Roy, Felicity and Thea. Michelle · Arrow .. Stephen & Willa with fans at the baseball game. E K.

The silence was stifling.

roy and felicity dating games

Felicity refused to respond, and Oliver noticed that Roy's leg wouldn't stop bouncing. Roy refused to meet Oliver's gaze. Instead, he pulled his hoodie over his face.

I asked you a question. Roy's disposition changed the moment Oliver barked at him.

roy and felicity dating games

His back straightened up. He shoved his hood off of his head. His eyes vacillated between Oliver and Felicity, fearing them both. You might as well tell him what happened. I don't know why we have to be secretive about it," Roy replied through gritted teeth.

Her eyes remained on Oliver like she was challenging him. Queen has bigger issues to deal with rather than He closed the gap between him and Felicity. He hated it when Felicity addressed him by his title. He held his breath after blurting the secret. Oliver felt like he just got punched in the gut.

For a moment, he felt like ripping Roy into shreds for cheating on his sister. He wanted to yell at Felicity for betraying him. But deep down inside, he knew he had no claims on her. He wasn't aware that Felicity and Roy started dating. His fingers curled to a fist at his side, trying to prevent himself from giving Roy a knuckle sandwich. I thought I'd also do Roy a solid by asking him to paint the town red—with me—because, you know, Thea 'Dear John'ed him. Oliver closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose.

Again, his secrets affected someone he loved. It may also be the reason why Roy and Felicity seemed closer to each other. The worst ideas crept into his head. He felt his fist clench so tightly that his fingernails were digging into his palm.

He wanted to play it cool but his patience could only take him so far. Beats passed before either spoke. The tension in the room was palpable.

Oliver was keenly aware of the sudden rise and fall of Felicity's chest. Her face was flush. For a moment, he just wanted to hold her tightly and figure out how they could rectify what was left of their relationship. She felt like fire under his touch. She was going to bolt, and he had to stop her. His hand wrapped around her wrist. Her pulse was erratic under his touch. He was unsure why she was angry but he was apprehensive that if she left, he'd regret it. His other hand softly caressed her face.

She flinched at his touch. She didn't used to, and he found her response disconcerting. She reached for his hand and grasped it. She pulled his hand away from her face but held on to it gently. It's been a month and now you want a rehash?

You're just being cruel," she growled, more tears cascading down her face. How am I being cruel? You know I care about you," he said, squeezing her fingers reassuringly.

He's still licking his wounds. I…," she said haltingly, "I need to move on. He was so close he could see the dark flecks in her blue eyes. The tears just made them bigger and clearer. She pulled away from him completely and walked away from him. She busied her hands by packing away the papers she had been researching in her bag. And I was fine with that. Then I realized, I was waiting for something that'll never happen.

I didn't know what it was until you spent so much time away from the lair. I chalked it up to you trying to get QC back and with helping Detective Lance, but then I found out that you're often here when just the boys are around. You can tell me to leave the team. I just wish…," Felicity rambled until Oliver cut her off. But if memory serves me right, you didn't mind being in a relationship with Sara, or with Helena, or even the one-night stand with Laurel.

I'd understand the booty call with Isabel, but for different reasons than you're probably used to…. He undid the button to his collar in hopes to relieve some of his discomfort while arguing with Felicity.

Good luck with your life and with the Team. She might as well have slain him. With broad, determined steps, Oliver walked over to Felicity, spun her around, and kissed her so hard he felt the room spin.

He thought it was crazy, how unsure he was about something he knew was inevitable. The fear of losing her made him realize how it wasn't just him who was hurting.

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Oliver trembled as he felt her hair tickling the palms of his hands. They felt a presence behind them and turned to see Oliver looking frantic. Was this actually a date? Because let me tell you something we all thought you finally stepped up and you and Felicity were going to be happy but what did we see when we arrived? Nothing but Felicity coming out of a cab, a cab! Why didn't you call us tell us you were going to be late so we could have picked her up.

Everyone else was turning up in flash cars and then you have Felicity coming to this gala in a cab. If that wasn't bad enough she turns to see her 'date' with his tongue down someone else's mouth….

I didn't even think to call you to pick Felicity up and that woman just jumped Oliver, I literally just had to drag her off of him. This was their first date together and Oliver was looking forward to it.

You know he was! I was going to take her home but she told me to stay here and enjoy the evening with Thea.

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She means the world to me. Felicity unlocked her door and entered her home. She closed and locked the door behind her. She was really stupid to think that Oliver was finally ready to make a go of them but she was wrong. The cab driver pitied her as she just cried the whole journey home. Felicity took her shoes off as soon as she could.

She was about to go to her room when she heard a knock on her door. I know you're in there. Please open the door. She went back to the door and opened it and walked towards her bedroom.

I'm not feeling too well that's why I left early. The night's still young if you go now you can enjoy the rest of the evening. I planned to spend the night with you and I'm going to. I'm just going to watch a box set. I'll see you tomorrow if I'm better. He touched her shoulder and felt her tremble. She told him even though it would be the most embarrassing thing in her life and that was saying something.

A date date but I obviously made a mista…" Before Felicity could finish her sentence Oliver turned her around and kissed her so softly. Felicity didn't even realised she closed her eyes until she opened them to find Oliver looking at her as if he was afraid that she might run away. I had tonight all planned.

I was going to show you how special you are to me. I planned on dancing with you all night and bringing you back here and kissing you goodnight. I was hoping you would dream of me tonight.

roy and felicity dating games

I beg you lie to me! She just kissed me. Did she think I was going to get with her? Diggle got rid of her.

roy and felicity dating games

I'm really sorry you saw that. There is only one woman I want to kiss tonight and I've just done so. I hope it's not the only one of the night. Why were you late?

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A couple of the guys liked the fact they caught the arrow and started to beat me but thankfully Digg was there and sorted them out them I returned the favour and everything they did to me I did to them. I got changed in the car but I was already late. How can he not check you out before driving you to the gala? I kind of told him I was better than I was as I really wanted to go to the gala and dance with you.

Oliver take your shirt off! Not you you but your chest.

roy and felicity dating games

Not your chest but any damage you may have, oh you know what I mean. I'll get the first aid kit. It felt weird being shirtless in Felicity's apartment. She looked at the bruises there was nothing she could do.

She was feeling empowered and gave into her instincts and brushed a soft kiss to the bruise. She felt Oliver catch his breath. When she was facing him he was awestruck. You're in for a treat!

I'll just go and get changed. Make yourself at home. You didn't tell me I look like a member of the panda family with my black eyes! I just saw the woman I love upset and in tears and I thought I messed up our first date before it even began.