Riley smith and ashley olsen dating

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riley smith and ashley olsen dating

Riley Smith has joined the final season of HBO's hit series, True Blood. Minute, which Riley starred in alongside Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Riley Smith - You probably recognize Riley Smith's baby blues and cute smile, but his place as one of the dreamiest heartthrobs to star in an Olsen twins' film. The Olsen twins may not be making movies anymore – turning from cinema to . film about two sisters hoping to land their widowed father a date. for kicking off a few well-known names in Hollywood, including Riley Smith.

I got to roll around in that and take it places. You begin to notice how people look at you and how they treat you, and I had to really get comfortable with it.

Things move so fast. From an acting standpoint I had to get used to the fact that my character was going to be changing emotions a lot and quickly. I just had to get used to that and then once you do you embrace it, enjoy it, and dive into it. Had you watched the show before you were cast? It was pretty overwhelming all of the things that had happened.

riley smith and ashley olsen dating

I just tried to make connections and my own personal relationships with each person as they came. I was curious because Annie [Shenae Grimes] goes through guys really fast.

riley smith and ashley olsen dating

Yeah, Annie does do that. I definitely figured that out once I got on the show. Did that make you feel cheap? At first I was really nervous because she goes through guys every season. A lot of guys. It goes from that to a flirtatious thing, but the good thing is that they let her and I evolve slowly.

riley smith and ashley olsen dating

That allows me to stick around a lot longer than some of her other love interests. It keeps things fresh for me, it allows me to develop all sides of myself and all of the characters that I can play.

It was around the same time as New York Minute, it was a teen movie as well. I was laughing so hard earlier today about how so many shows and years later, that this is the stuff that comes back up. New York Minute was an amazing time in my life. That whole era for me was great. The girls were awesome and the movie was fun to work on.

Do you still keep in touch? It was a fun opportunity and experience. It was a pretty easy job. Do you feel like that gave you a bit of an advantage over other actors who were maybe just a pretty face?

Ashley olsen and riley smith dating

While Jack seems to fight for television roles nowadays, he's also fighting with his health — suffering from multiple sclerosis — and his wife. In Maythe two legally separated. Although Jesse is technically Australian, you wouldn't know! And since Jesse is all hunk, it makes sense that he would go from playing a steamy doctor to the delicious firefighter!

riley smith and ashley olsen dating

Obviously, Hollywood can't let a man like that go to waste — he was meant to be eye candy! The Olsen twins were the first to recognize his purpose, but it helps that he also knows how to act! In this movie, Ethan plays a Parisian love interest of Mary-Kate who scoots about town on a moped and gets the American twins into trouble on the regular.

While the film doesn't have the greatest ratings, it was a pretty significant film for Mary-Kate, as it was the movie that first showed her kissing a costar — and it was Ethan! Now, Ethan has been dabbling in the odd role here and there, playing young Kelso on That 70's Show and even making a two-episode appearance in Gossip Girl. Officially, it is said that Sara's first movie role was in the movie Liar, Liar which starred Jim Carrey, but maybe Sara's people are forgetting about her small singing and dancing debut in this holiday flick featuring the Olsen sisters?

Or perhaps it was Sara who wanted to brush this one under her filmography rug, as her distant relative Bill Paxton, certainly left some big Hollywood shoes for her to fill. While Sara isn't super famous or anything, she has starred in a few movies and television shows alongside some top female celebs, like Hilary Duff, Emma Roberts, Amanda Bynes, and Mischa Barton. She also has an adorable, never-aging face that's totally fit for the big screen, so we have no doubt that her name will grow over the next ten years, making her brief musical role seem as forgettable as a twenty-year-old commercial that never even made it to YouTube.

The two played sisters obvi! Eric has had a long career filled with many roles, both large and small, but we bet that he would never have thought that he would act alongside the famous Olsen twins! Theo normally chooses roles that are similar to his strong-male comfort zone, leading him to be typecast as characters that are very masculine and 'bad boy'. But before he became the recognizable, motorcycle-riding, tattoo wearing, and OCD-ridden "Juice" in the show Sons of Anarchy, he played an innocent young Italian boy who loves food and cooking in the Olsen movie The Challenge.

In this movie, the plot is very loosely based off of the popular reality show, Survivor, making Theo and the twins part of a Mexico-based competition in which young students perform tasks to win a scholarship. The Challenge was the last direct-to-TV movie that Mary-Kate and Ashley ever filmed together, making this film not only a memorable one in the long-line of Olsen movies, it was a great chance to build on Theo's budding acting career.

Now, we get to indulge in Theo anytime we want just by opening our Netflix account and binging on Luke Cage, where he plays the villainous character Hernan "Shades" Alvarez. In addition to these familiar faces — and a cameo from their former Full House dad, Bob Saget — the movie starred Canadian Eugene Levy as a high school tyrant officer named Max Lomax who tries to hunt down the delinquent, Mary-Kate or Roxy, in the movie taking him through the busy streets of New York in a series of fumbles and hilarious adventures.

RILEY SMITH in Warner Bros. Pictures' action comedy New York Minute Stock Photo: - Alamy

His role was so significant in the film that he actually shares the credits alongside the Olsen twins on all of the promotional materials, including theatrical posters and the DVD's cover. A whole twelve years before landing the lead in Pretty Little Liars, Troian appeared alongside the Olsen twins in the movie 'Billboard Dad'.

She played the pre-teen Kristen who eagerly supported the antics of her gal pals, Mary-Kate and Ashley — or Emily and Tess, in this lighthearted film about two sisters hoping to land their widowed father a date.

Nowadays, Troian isn't really focusing on her glory days of starring alongside the most famous twins in the world or watching her past episodes of PLL on Netflix. Instead, she's attending Megan and Harry's royal wedding, vacationing in Greece and swimming in the ocean with her husband, and trying to avoid rumors of a hidden pregnancy!

riley smith and ashley olsen dating

He played an old pal of the girls, Griffen in this throwback movie. He's definitely got around since romancing Mary-Kate's character, Madison, and have starred in many popular TV shows, but never sticking around longer than one or two episodes. In the seventeen years since playing Griffen, Austin has been keeping busy with his obsessive hobby of watching movies, logging every movie he sees — which adds up to twenty per week! Apparently, he even tracks the length of each movie.

Talk about a genuine film buff! However, we're a little outside of his demographic, since this man has been acting in various roles since the mid-eighties! Willie plays FBI Agent Norm, a character who has to deal with the girl's shenanigans way more often than he gets paid to. Before Riley was ever considered to play the role of Jim in the NYC teen flick, he was discovered at the age of seventeen and signed on to a modeling agency, first appearing in ads for Tommy Hilfiger.

This unlikely job opportunity derailed his original life plans of dedicating his life to horse riding we know, weird, right?