Off the great wall carmen and dan dating

Why is everything different with Off the Great Wall and Dan and Mike? : OutOfTheLoop

off the great wall carmen and dan dating

Carmen was the first female host of Off The Great Wall. Carmen. You may know me from Off the Great Wall but I have moved on to a new social media handle @HarroCarmen IIRC, Dan and Mike first left Off the Great Wall because they didn't like the way it was heading creatively (Dan & Mike couldn't choose the.

off the great wall carmen and dan dating

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His obsession and interest in the Chinese language and culture is very strong and as Dan mentioned, perhaps stronger than any Chinese person with Chinese roots. Ben likes to study and translate ancient Chinese script. While Ben speaks little Cantonese, his Mandarin skills are a lot stronger.

We were supposed to have our fourth Youtube star appear at the meet and greet, but for unknown reasons, she never showed up.

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She is so cute, vocal, and innocent. Dan and Carmen are really lucky to have such supportive family members. That was a really touching moment how a Youtube channel can influence so many people around the world. I hope CantotoMando can also reach that goal one day. Carmen and Dan have other jobs and film their videos usually at night or on the weekend so I suppose I have no excuse besides that I am not video editing savvy.

Off The Great Wall Carmen And Dan Dating

My priority though, will always be to document the Chinese language and culture first on Cantotomando because this information will be accessible to all. Carmen told us that we would all take a quiz about the videos in the OFTW channel. The top two people with the highest scores would win a free family tree poster.

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The Mandarin version of the video was so popular that a Cantonese version was created as well followed by posters for sale in both languages available at the Zazzle website. For those who are interested, I started writing about the family relationships: To find out what questions Carmen asked, check out the description section of their official Youtube video of the meet-and-greet.

off the great wall carmen and dan dating

I admit that while I do like the channel, I have not watched all their videos yet. I certainly would not know a lot of the answers to their trivia. Those who had the most correct answers kept their hand raised until they had their top two winners.