Laura vandervoort and nick zano dating

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laura vandervoort and nick zano dating

Sep 4, Laura Vandervoort (Bitten) Morena Baccarin (Gotham) Scott Wolf Lisa (Laura Vandervoort). Ryan's girlfriend is pregnant with a hybrid baby. Cudmore is in a relationship with actor Nick Zano. Santa is a television movie starring Laura Vandervoort and Nick Zano. women ("cougars") dating younger men, as Jules begins dating Josh (Nick Zano) and Barb is often seen "hunting". Nick Zano (born March 8, ) is an American actor. Zano is known for having played Vince in , Zano starred as David Morretti in the ABC family Christmas themed movie Desperately Seeking Santa opposite Laura Vandervoort. . "EXCLUSIVE: Nick Zano and Girlfriend Leah Renee Expecting First Baby!".

Reference is made to how foreigners are not trusted and unusual in Japan at this time. This is consistent with Sakoku - the foreign relations policy of Japan at the time. Under Sakoku, severe restrictions were imposed regarding travel within Japan - both on foreign nationals entering the country and Japanese traders traveling outside of Japan without special permission.

The first of the edicts making up Sakoku were laid out from - just before the time of this episode While enforcement varied of the years, Sakoku was the law of the land until Tokugawa Iemitsu was the third Tokugawa shogun, ruling from As the episode notes, he is considered one of the most brutal warlords in Japanese history, though nothing is said about him routinely slaughtering his brides.

The reality of ninjas is a subject of debate among historians to this day. While it is generally agreed that there may have been some assassins who operated in secret during the Edo Period, it is also agreed that they did not run around in black clothing all the time or use special weapons, stealth training or martial arts techniques. You can read a bit about the controversy in this Time Magazine article.

Imemitsu's lead henchman boasts that he was "trained in the art of war by Shimura himself. Technobabble Ray altered the Nazi super serum to quintuple his own strength and transform his skin into an alloy times stronger than steel.

These effects are passed on to Nate, who also has his hemophilia cured by the serum.


Ray says that Nate's powers manifested as a result of a heightened adrenal response. Jax reroutes power from the secondary manifolds to try and stabilize The Waverider.

The ATOM suit is made of and powered by dwarf star alloy. It is strong enough to resist bullets, arrows and explosives. Underneath the left thruster is the alpha-stabilizer. If destroyed, the photons that stream from the suit's weapons systems will overheat. Theoretically, this will cause somatic overload and destroy the suit beyond repair.

Dialogue Triumphs Nate voice-over: Time travel is real. And all of history is vulnerable to the attack of rogue time travelers. But one group travels throughout time to stop the spread of these so-called Time Abberations and erase their damage to history. A group of outcasts and misfits, these individuals aren't heroes. Mick is in the galley of the Wave Rider, overturning a container full of silverware Mick: Where are all the knives?!

Vicen comes up behind him and puts a knife to his throat. Sorry for knocking you out. Sorry for locking you up. The two shake hands. We know what we're doing. The sounds of weapons discharging is heard in the distance. The two run to the cargo bay to see Ray and Nate trading blows as Jax looks on laughing.

If Grandpa Heywood could see me now! Nate just fell to Earth and emerges from a crater looking around at the buildings in the distance. Nate falls backwards and passes out.

You snuck up behind me and sliced my throat like a ninja. There's no such thing as a ninja, you idiot! Tell that to Chuck Norris. And I'm the idiot?!

And by the way, I'm not your "girlie"! If you two don't quit your squabbling, I'm going to maroon you in a time period of my choosing. Mick, Vixen and Sara approach the Shogun's castle. It doesn't exactly look inviting, does it? It's just like Ninja III: Never took you for a cinephile.

All I know is ninjas like to hide in trees. I don't see anything. You don't find them. Just because you saw ninjas in a movie doesn't make them real. I have to side with Mick on this one.

You think there's a secret brotherhood of men trained in the art of assassination? I hate to break it to you, Amaya, but I'm basically a ninja. I have been trained in the art of war by Shimura himself Sara: Nate explains his hemophilia to Masako.

So every day, you were afraid to live? In the Samurai tradition, a warrior is always prepared for death. A woman celebrates when her husband dies with honor. A Samurai who fights without armor I designed it so an idiot could use it.

Sorry to contact you like this, Captain Hunter, but I can't risk putting any more lives in danger. And neither can this. Which is why you'll keep what I'm about to tell you a secret. Even from the rest of your team Tells me you don't have the mettle for this. I did - I didn't think big enough! An Amazo robot appears by his side, willed into existence by the book. Superman tries to use his heat vision on the robot but it responds with a blast of its own, sending Superman flying into a car.

There is no defeating me! I am the master of this world! That's a bit much don't you think? Amazo shoots a heat-vision blast that goes between Lois and Brainiac-5, missing them both. Brainiac-5 goes into a run and starts to fly at Amazon. They meet in the middle and go spiraling into the sky.

laura vandervoort and nick zano dating

Amazo's body drops down between all the heroes. Brainiac-5 flies down a few seconds after. Does the book say anything about what I should do with this? John Deegan lies in a cell in Arkaam, his eyes vacant, his face gaunt. We hear a voice from the next cell. Man From Next Cell: Everything is as it should be.

The stage is set.

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And the universe will never be the same! The man is revealed to be wearing a gold featureless mask as he turns around to the camera. It is the Psycho-Pirate. He looks like the Superman of Earth, but wearing an all-black costume. Their organization is never given a name, but they are a peace-keeping force that back-up Superman, though Killer Frost says all they really do is get paid to massage Superman's ego. Her cell is also equipped with sonic speakers that inflict tremendous pain on her due to her super-hearing.

Deegan reveals that he rewrote the destinies of everyone on Earth One so nobody is living the same life. The Alex Danvers of Earth-1 is a closeted lesbian and a workaholic, whose background is close enough to that of the Earth Alex Danvers that Kara is able to guess enough to convince her that, in another world, they are sisters.

Barry and Ollie plan to find this world's version of Cisco, breach to Earth, find the real Superman and get him to come fight the new Superman while they try and fix reality. Barry makes reference to the Earth-2 Cisco he met indescribing him as not being very helpful. The Monitor tells Barry and Ollie that self-sacrifice alone will not win the challenge but they must also know their true self.

Cisco Ramon is a club owner and crime-boss in Central City's underworld in the new reality. He insists on being addressed as Mr. Gary Green is a bartender and super-villain fanboy at Mr.

James Olsen is one of Mr. He is known as Superman's Worst Pal. Barry is able to persuade Mr.

laura vandervoort and nick zano dating

Ramon not to kill them by saying that he knew his brother Dante - the brother Barry Mr. Ramon made his fortune using his powers to break into bank vaults. This could be a reference to Winn Schott. He apparently started dating Pam in HR. Kara can speak Japanese. Alex taught her the language when she first came to Earth. Kara wins the trust of the Earth One Alex by reciting a Japanese poem that Earth Alex taught to her the first night they snuck out to fly together.

Earth Alex spent a summer in Nagano, Japan when she was 6.

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She got homesick and a girl from the village took to the temple in secret one night. Alex wrote a wish on a note and put it in a crack in the wall of the temple, hoping it would come true. Apart from being 7 instead of 6, the Earth-1 Alex did the exact same thing.

The little girl in the village taught Alex the poem, which in Japanese roughly translates to "pinky swear. He tells her that she wants a wife and children some days and that she's optimistic and thinks she can have everything she wants in life - it's just a mater of if, not when.

laura vandervoort and nick zano dating

Superman has encountered other books that can rewrite reality like The Book of Destiny before and he knows how to use them. The author operates them through sheer force of will but changing the story in the book comes at a cost. Ramon runs for it once the Supermen start fighting.

Oliver starts fighting Diggle and Killer Frost in the elevator. Superman is able to use the Book of Destiny to start restoring reality. He gives Barry and Ollie their powers and training back before the Dark Superman reclaims the book. Oliver Queen is revealed to still have his Kryptonite Arrow. Superman reveals that he saw it written in the Book of Destiny that Kara and Barry die trying to slow down the rotation of the Earth.

They decide to do it anyway. Ollie asks Superman to get the book back from the Dark Superman. All he tells Superman about what he'll be doing is that he has an idea. Lois arrives from Earth 38 with Martian Manhunter and Brainiac Brainiac-5 fights the new Amazo. J'onn focuses on protecting the civilians.

Lois and Superman take on Deegan. Time slows down just as Lois is sent airborn by the dark Superman. When the book is destroyed, it leaves John Deegan a comatose, desiccated husk.

Clark has finished fixing up the Kent Farm. He says he wanted to make sure it was perfect for Ma. This seems to indicate that Jonathan Kent is dead in this reality.

Clark tells Kara he's sure she is stronger than he is and that she and Alex will keep having each other's backs, even if Kara isn't part of the DEO. Lois reveals that she's pregnant. She and Clark are going back to Argo City for a year so there are no complications with the pregnancy.

Clark asks Kara to take over protecting the Earth for him for a while, since he doesn't plan to be Superman for a while so he can focus on being a father. Clark proposes to Lois Lane. As is their post-team-up tradition, Oliver and Barry go off for a drink alone. Ollie says the one thing he'll miss about super-speed is the sense of clarity he felt when he entered Flashtime when nothing else was moving but him.

Barry guesses that Oliver talked to Monitor and did something to rewrite his and Kara's destiny. Ollie denies this, though he admits he did talk to the Monitor. Barry tries to get Ollie to hug him again. Ollie refuses this year, but he does make a toast to appreciating what you have for however long you may have it. Oliver gets a call from Batwoman, asking if he's sure John Deegan won't be a problem. She asks because she's been spying on him and he apparently made a new friend in Arkham Asylum, where he is not a patient.

The episode ends with Psycho-Pirate talking to John Deegan and assuring him that everything is going according to plan. A title card at the end of the episode tells us to expect to see Crisis on Infinite Earths in Fall Location Earth - The Fortress of Solitude.

Ramon apparently made 16 other attempts to travel to Earth 38 before they got it right. Amazo's fight with Braniac-5 takes place entirely off camera. The Bottom Line As a finale for the crossover, fantastic. As an episode of Supergirl