Jeffrey donovan and gabrielle anwar dating

"Burn Notice" star Jeffrey Donovan a raging sociopath, says Deadline poster

jeffrey donovan and gabrielle anwar dating

Shakefire sits down with Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar to talk to them about their .. It's become sort of a date night theme, which is really fabulous. Jeffrey Donovan and Gabrielle Anwar photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. In a recent press conference call, star Gabrielle Anwar shared what it is like Jeffrey Donovan, who plays Michael, gets to do it much more .. that it's official that the two of them are dating, I am having a visceral response to it.

And some of the things that were asked of me were great. You know, if I had to do an accent or some kind of character it was always fun to kind of make that up with the writer at the time. And then over the years they kind of evolved into sometimes some wacky guys and sometimes some pretty sadistic guys.

But yeah, it keeps it interesting. It might be out of their comfort zone. Those are the most difficult ones. And the — one of the most difficult ones was this kind of character I did about — I think it was Season 3, where I basically played the devil and I think this name was Louis — almost like Louis Cifer as in Lucifer.

Gabrielle Anwar Blows Up 'Burn Notice' : NPR

And he was a cross between the devil and Clint Eastwood and I played him — I mean I just went out on a limb and played him. Who has been your favorite villain on the show? I have to think. Jay Karnes, I mean a wonderful actor and very well known and he played for the first time — one of the things that I always say to Matt Nix and all of the writers is never dumb down the villain. I think why James Bond is, you know, the series always works is because the villains were always these mega intelligent villains.

And I said when you dumb down a villain then you dumb down Michael. Always make the villains smarter than Michael but Michael just figures out the one Achilles heel that the villain has.

jeffrey donovan and gabrielle anwar dating

And the closest person to ever do that was Jay Karnes. And an actor like that is incredible anyway but to put him in that role where he basically tells Michael, what are you going to do?

Jeffrey Donovan & Gabrielle Anwar Interview (Burn Notice)

Are you going to do this? Well then I have the answer to that. Are you going to do that? He always was one step ahead of Michael which was always the — kind of a great villain, a great foe is that the villain is smarter than you. If you could act alongside any actor living or dead who would it be?

Edgar and I would have loved to have stepped into the ring with him.

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There is an authenticity and a reality that he just brings because of the person he is. So I would have loved to have done that. That would probably be — I would probably consider myself accomplished if I could ever go toe to toe with him. How do you continue to maintain that?

Spend as little time with each other off the set. When you play a role like Michael and Fiona, there is an intimacy and a kind of spark that I think is hard to maintain over seven years when you spend every, you know, working hour with them and then every social hour with them.

So we do our best to never lay eyes on each other after work. How was it working with John C. You know, going toe to toe with McGinley is, you know, you should — though you will never be recognized you should just win an award for going toe to toe with John C. It was sparingly written, but so insightful. I couldn't believe that a man had actually written the script, I mean at least her character.

When I first met Matt Nix, who created and wrote the script, I actually said to him, you must have a remarkable relationship with your wife, because you have such incredible insight. So that was what intrigued me about playing a character.

When you sign up for a TV show, you don't know if it's going to be for a pilot or for the rest of your life, so I wanted to play a character that I enjoyed thoroughly, and there weren't that many of them out there. So that's why I clasped onto this script with great hope. Are you happy with where you guys have ended up with your characters and where would you like to see them go in the future?

I know from talking with all the other cast mates, we're very happy with where it's going. But sometimes Matt Nix and all the other writers keep us slightly in the character dark, not because they don't trust us with the knowledge, but they're just trying to figure it out as well along the way. When you're dealing with espionage and covert affairs, sometimes the secret is more exciting than the knowledge.

If we were both in charge, I would love a deeper insight into Michael's past, that's for me. I don't know about Gabrielle, what would you like? I'm quite happy with Fiona's enigmatic state of being. I don't think I need to know more about, I'd love to know more about where you're from, absolutely, but I quite like not knowing. I don't like to know who I am.

In the upcoming episode, Michael will be going somewhere other than Miami and that he won't be alone. Can you tell us where your characters going and why, as well as who's going with him?

Well, obviously I can't. It's the season finale, and it's really literally in the last five minutes of the show. It's a bit of a cliffhanger. Michael's been stuck in Miami for quite some time, and there's a couple of psychopaths on his tail, and things come to a hilt. And by the end of the show, Michael is actually transported out of Miami, but I can't tell you where, but it's a bit of a cliffhanger.

We're seeing how Michael is and how the group is without the big overall mystery of who burnt Michael Westen, and who's doing this; is there going to be a return of management anytime soon? Yes, season four is actually pretty remarkable.

I met with the writers last week and we kind of broke down the next eight or nine episode ark. A new character is going to be introduced. I don't know the name yet, but he is going to be a young operative, but he's going to play a significant new role on the show.

Then there is actually going to be a change of management.

jeffrey donovan and gabrielle anwar dating

There's going to be a new management that controls Michael's life, and you'll see Michael have to go on even more dangerous missions under this new management with the new operative. I really enjoyed seeing Tim Matheson and you play off each other, and I'm wondering will we see Larry again?

Larry's such a pivotal thorn in Michael's He's a terrific character and Tim's such a wonderful man and an extraordinary actor. One, we were lucky to get him, and two, he's actually happy to be on the show and wants to continually come back. He'll be directing season four's premiere and also, he'll return as Larry at some point in the season.

Regarding you and Madeline, your relationship with each other, and obviously she and Michael are a tribe of two. Can you talk about that? I think that these two women have a tremendous amount of respect for one another. There's so little spoken about what's really being felt and really being witnessed with that connection to Michael, which I think is pretty accurate to real life, especially with the in-law figures.

There's so much that's not spoken out loud, and yet there are so many physical undertones and it's very apparent, and that's thanks to Sharon. I mean, her performance is so beautifully nuanced and I find it terribly inspiring.

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She's a wonderful woman and actress. The addition of Chris Vance as a psychopath Mason Gilroy has really given you guys a violent insane villainess this season. And when Michael and Gilroy meet it seems like they're kind of coiled vipers waiting to strike at each other.

How is working with him added to the show during the season? Yes, he's definitely added a great tension to every scene that I'm in with him, and I think kind of a great super villain that kind of governs over the show.

I think the best part of Burn Notice is always when the villain or guest star is either more talented, smarter, or crazier than the rest of the cast, because it ups all our game. I don't actually get to work with Gilroy, but I agree with you. There's nothing more inspiring than to have to pull everything you have out of your back pocket on the stage. And we have so little time to rehearse and to find everything imaginable in one scene, that when you do have this fantastic talent to work with, it really is, it's fun, it makes it so much more enjoyable.

Petite women in high heels with rocket launchers. Yes, a rocket launcher. He appreciates the fierceness as well. Thanks very much for the call, Julie. Let's see if we go next to - this is Ronald phRonald with us from Oxford, Ohio. Thank you for taking my call.

I'm a really big fan of the show. And I'd like to say that I really like how you're giving points of how to be a spy. There are these - they do pause for instructionals from time to time on how to accomplish various kinds of "MacGyver" types things or pull off a surveillance.

I feel that I might be able to be an amateur spy. I'm just kidding, of course. But I have a question. Are there any - going to be really any huge plot twists in the next season?

Is anything going to be changing dramatically? You know, for me, every episode has a plot twist and a half. There's a lot going on in the next few seasons that begin airing tonight - in the next few episodes rather. I'm not sure what's going on with the next few seasons. But those that air as of tonight for the next few weeks are really loaded with twists and turns. And it's even - it's hard for me to keep up actually.

When I read the script, I have to go over it a couple of times because there's so much going on that I really do have to pay attention. So in answer to your question, there's a lot about to happen. Is everything shot in order? No, very rarely do we shoot anything in consecutive order.

So you really do have to stay on your toes, which is easier for me because I'm wearing those heels, of course. Ronald, thanks very much for the call. Well, just to talk about the plot twist, well, as you'll remember from our exciting last episode, our hero, Michael Westen, had been shot and the shooter was another burn spy who was working with your team who finds out it was Michael who betrayed him.

I assume we have nothing to worry about since Michael is also one of the executive producers of the show.

jeffrey donovan and gabrielle anwar dating

Yes, something tells me he's going to survive. What's going on though with you and Jesse, the spy that Michael burned? There's a lot going on. Most of it is unspoken, which is always my favorite kind of acting, but it's definitely thick. You could cut the atmosphere with a knife Yeah, it's fun, actually.

It's tremendous fun to add that element I had a question about, well, where do you get all the information on how to make your, like, explosives and your listening devices and everything like that?

Well, you know, that's actually very interesting. There is a spy that our writers communicate with via email.

jeffrey donovan and gabrielle anwar dating

And I believe even Jeffrey has a little email relationship going with this fellow. I have no idea who he is. But I believe he was a burned spy and he's the real legit deal. And he instructs our writers as to how to really pull this stuff off. I think that, you know, a couple of the key elements are somewhat changed when we actually shoot the show so that, you know, one watching the show isn't actually going to be able to prepare a bomb and blow up their neighborhood.

But I find it fascinating. I get very caught up when we're shooting those scenes that are very, very technical and very detailed. I actually think that I could probably pull off some of these things in real life; I hope that I don't ever have the opportunity to try.

Gabrielle Anwar Blows Up 'Burn Notice'

It's a very fun part of the show, I think. Thanks for the call, Parker. Let's go next to Sally phSally with us from, again, Edina in Minnesota. I thought there was a misspelling. And I wanted to ask her about "Scent of a Woman," in that I wondered how it was to learn the tango, and also about the soap that Al Pacino smells.

And I think it was like Ms. And I wondered if it actually existed. I don't know, actually. I'm not much of a method actress, so I didn't bathe in it for days before shooting with Mr. The tango was tremendous fun to learn, and they were kind enough to train me for a number of weeks. And I obviously was playing a character that didn't know how to tango, so I could really enjoy the process and not have to pull it off perfectly.

And I admire Al for being able to do so as a blind fellow. But what a beautiful dance. I wish I could still do it. Well, I thought it was so beautiful and so romantic and so sweet. I've never forgotten it. Well, maybe I'll retrain myself one of these days. Can't you get them to write it into "Burn Notice"? It would be a real treat to see you and Michael or even Jesse. I don't think I can do it in those heels.

Thank you very much. We go next to Charlie phCharlie in Wyoming, Michigan.