Internet genealogy and family chronicle dating

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internet genealogy and family chronicle dating

Jul 20, Over 1 billion records from overseas, dating from to the present for users by combining the best family tree tools and the most powerful. Mar 17, Chock full of tips and info in a fun, easy-to-read format, Family Tree genealogists up-to-date with the ever-growing collection of online. Trace your ancestry and build a family tree by researching extensive birth records , census Often U.S. ancestry records contain misspellings due to immigration or with birth dates. Build your family tree with our online family tree explorer.

Census Date One thing to keep in mind is the date that the census was taken. Historically, census information was collected over a period of a month or more, but every census year had a specific date such as April 1and all information was supposed to be based on that date.

internet genealogy and family chronicle dating

If someone in the household was alive on April 1 but had passed away by the time the census taker arrived, they should still be listed on the census. In reality though, things did not always work out that way.

Susan was listed as age 13, and the deceased was nowhere to be found on the census. To make matters worse, the official census date has not stayed the same. From tothe date was June 1 actually June 2 inbecause June 1 was a Sunday. But inthe date was moved to April Init was moved to January 1. Init was changed to April 1. Be aware of the official census date and how it might affect your search.

Places Change From one census to the next, your ancestors could be living in a new township, a new city, a new county, or even a new state, all without moving an inch! A town may adopt a new name. A county might be split in two. New states were being formed even into the s. You need to be aware of this, and may need to do a little research to find out what a location was called in a certain year. For example, searching for your ancestors in Snyder County, Pennsylvania in is guaranteed to turn up zero results, because Snyder County was not formed until You need to be searching in Union County instead.

And for much of U. Foreign names and those spoken with a heavy accent were also often misspelled. Soundex is a special system that was set up to help you do just that by organizing similar sounding names together such as Smith and Smythe. In the s, Soundex indexes were created for the to census schedules, and have since been created for many other records, too.

internet genealogy and family chronicle dating

Some genealogy websites such as Ancestry even include an advanced search option to use Soundex when searching any of their records. Soundex uses a letter the first letter of the last name and three numbers representing additional consonants, if any, to group the names Smith, for example, becomes S; Washington would be W It lumps similar sounding consonants together like d and t, or m and n to make it easier to catch spelling mistakes.

Many times, this can help you find missing ancestors, especially if their names were misspelled on the census or other records. Galloway and Galey, for example, both share the same Soundex code, G, but there are many, many more Galloways than Galeys.

Is it Worth It?

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Given all the problems of finding specific census records and considering that the information may not be correct, is it even worth using them at all? Absolutely, without question, yes.

While the census may have its issues, it is very easy to search. Every available page of every year has been digitized, indexed, and put online by sites such as Ancestry and FamilySearch.

Census records are one of the few good sources for locating and tracing parents, siblings, and families across generations. They provide excellent clues about not only places and dates of birth, but tell you exactly which counties you should be searching for wills, probate records, birth, marriage, and death records, church records, and so much more.

More on the U. Birth certificate for President Obama Some states have them online, others you may have to request by mail. Before aroundmany birth records were kept by counties rather than the state. Like birth records, most have been kept at the state level since around and the county level before that, and many are available and searchable online.

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It is fully searchable online and easy to use. In many cultures, the place of marriage could be a great clue to find the bride's birthplace as the marriage often took place in the same town. They may also include lists of friends or relatives who were witnesses for the marriage. Churches maintain marriage records too, and before the mids, that might be the only place that kept them.

internet genealogy and family chronicle dating

It may also list the date of birth. These are mostly only found in church records. Baptism record of President Martin Van Buren Wills and Probate Records These records vary widely in the information they contain, but can be great sources for names of children or other relatives, and clues about where to look for property or other records.

Sometimes indexes are published online or by local genealogical societies. Deeds and Land Records Deeds and other land records track land ownership, and will list the name of the buyer and seller as well as the date. They can sometimes help trace family lines, but are most useful in proving residence in a particular county. The Bureau of Land Management glorecords.

Passenger Lists If your ancestors emigrated to the United States, they had to get there somehow, and for most of history, that meant a ship. Passenger lists generally list every passenger, so they are good for linking spouses and children, and often list ages, too. These columns often reveal invaluable information about close family members. This index can also be found online at worldvitalrecords. Naturalization Records Once your ancestors arrived, they likely wanted to become citizens.

Applications for naturalization can include great information including name, date of birth, place of birth, date, and place of immigration, and more. Top section of naturalization application for Elias Sanders, father of Senator Bernie Sanders Many of these records can be found online, or check out county, circuit, or district court records. Draft Cards Several drafts have taken place in U.

They can give you name, date, and place of birth, place of residence, and even sometimes a physical description.

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For other drafts, check out the National Archives and Records Administration www. City Directories Before there were phones and phone books, there were city directories. These can tell you not only where your ancestors lived, but their occupation as well.

internet genealogy and family chronicle dating

Some city directories are available online, while others can be found in local libraries. Family Bibles If you can track down an old family bible, you may find a treasure trove of genealogical data.

internet genealogy and family chronicle dating

Families often recorded every birth, baptism, marriage, and death in their family bible, sometimes for several generations. There are a variety of obituary indexes online, such as Legacy. Cemetery Records Cemeteries keep records of every interment which may include a lot more information than you think, including not only date and place of death but the place of birth, parents, spouse, and even names of children. Some cemeteries have their records available online, but many you will need to contact them individually.

There are no formal indexes of cemetery records online, but one great source to start with is Findagrave.

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Photos of many tombstones are available at Findagrave. Avoid making any assumptions and ensure that each name, event, and place can be verified before continuing your research. Browse Record Collections Although the U. Census and birth, marriage and death records are a great way to start looking for your ancestors, they can only take you so far. Here are some often overlooked records collections that will add depth instead of just names and introduce you to family members who may otherwise be left unnoticed.

If you are unable to find an answer in a specific record, consider browsing through its pages. In some cases names might be misspelled or incorrectly indexed and can only be found by browsing through a collection online. It is also possible that the first or last name you are searching for is different than what was recorded in the records and might only be recognized when browsing the records.

British Newspapers provide a vivid window into the past — you may be able to find details about your ancestors and discover what life was like on their street, their town and their time period from to Use the largest digitization project of British newspapers in history to capture the pulse of your family history.

Our million pages of U. Learn the details to your ancestors life events. Family history is a lifelong pursuit for many as there are always another set of parents or siblings to discover as your family tree continues to branch out.

As more records become available online and are discovered across the world it is possible that the answers to your toughest research problems can still be solved. Create a Family Tree Chart out a chronological timeline of a family helps to organize a family identify missing information.

Include significant dates for each family member, such as birth marriage and death recordslength of military servicefindings in U.

You can also add historical events by using our collection of British Newspapers to see how your ancestor's might have been impacted by what was happening in the world around them, and what other records might be available to search.

Build your family tree with our online family tree explorer 6. Search for Siblings in Family Lines Focusing your search on an ancestor's siblings often yields additional records that benefit your research. For example, a brother or sister might provide the names of their parents in a record while your own direct ancestor did not.

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Tracing wide instead of deep into family lines can also identify distant cousins, aunts and uncles who might have useful information. Go Social with Other Family Historians Multiple resources exist for asking other genealogists for ideas and advice when you are stumped.

You can look for record updates or easily post a query about any family on the findmypast blogor join the conversation on findmypast's social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. Include information names, dates, and places that would be useful in assisting someone answer your question. Listen every week to findmypast's podcast exploring common issues, new events and tips for search. Don't Let "Brick walls" Break You Before becoming too frustrated with your brickwall take a short break from your research and focus on another task or family.

Being able to put away your research for a few hours, days, or weeks allows you to approach your research with a fresh set of eyes. Many genealogists find that taking a longer break can be beneficial as new record sets may appear online that provides important information that either solves the brickwall or moves the research forward. Consult a Professional Genealogist Professional genealogists are available to assist you with your research and can often work with you to tackle brickwalls.

Many professional researchers work at an hourly rate and often specialize in a specific record type, locality, time period, or subject matter. The Association of Professional Genealogists provides an online directory searchable by specialty to assist you in finding a professional. Locate the Original Record In some cases you might be looking at a transcription or abstract made from an original record.