Glee project blake and nelly dating

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glee project blake and nelly dating

Nellie was discovered for The Glee Project through an online video it to Romanticality week, she would have wanted either Blake or Michael to be her partner. Nellie, Michael, Lily, Abraham, Aylin, and Charlie will have a show together. The Blake-Aylin Relationship is a relationship between Blake Jenner and Aylin Bayramoglu. They are They sing/dance together during Ali's solo in You Can't Stop The Beat. They sit on a And Blake kisses Shanna, Nellie, and Lily Mae too . "The Glee Project's" Nellie Veitenheimer Veitenheimer -- who first ignited Twitter after a last-chance duet with Blake to "Waiting for a Girl Like.

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glee project blake and nelly dating

Gotten engaged after winning the happen when. They high-five after nailing their portion of the shoot together. They kneel next to each other when building the pyramid. After this episode, they are officially the only two left to room in the boy's dorm together.

Nellie, Abraham & Tyler on The Glee Project 2 Live Reunion

Edit Blake sits next to Michael on the couch. They fist bump each other during HWA critique. Edit The two of them rock their scenes in the video and seem to get only positive feedback, showing they work well together.

After Erik yells cut, they high-five and Blake ruffles Michael's hair to get the pieces of hay out of it for him.

Are blake and nellie from the glee project dating

They high-five when told about the movie trailer concept. Gif Blake and Michael share a long hug when the list is posted. Michael says that "My first reaction when I heard 'Actability' was Blake. In the bonus video where the top 3 are saying goodbye to the eliminated contestants before the LCPsafter they hug Michael tells Blake he wants another one which Blake gives and says in confessional "I'm closest with Blake and I'm really rooting for him. Michael grooves along when Blake sings I'll Be.

She auditioned for the X-Factor, but did not make it. Simon Cowell, however, said yes. She worked at Starbucks before getting into The Glee Project. Source Her favorite Glee characters are Puck and Santana. Source During The Glee Project, she is closest to Michael and Blakebut since then she has become close with a lot of the other contenders.

Source She is a Starkid. Cameron, Lindsay, and Hannah were her favorite season one contenders.

Blake-Nellie Relationship | The Glee Project Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Klaine is her favorite Glee ship. Source Her favorite bands include Coldplay and Vampire Weekend. She has a tattoo on her foot. Her favorite movie is Dirty Dancing. Her favorite musical is Memphis. Source She is an introvert. She loves photography and art.

She quit her dance class because of the dress she would have had to wear. She called it "the shortest thing ever," a "glorified tank-top" and "Pink, pink, and more pink.

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Her favorite Harry Potter book is the Goblet of Fire. Her favorite Harry Potter characters are Hermione and Ron. She has a cat that is as big as Lord Tubbington.

glee project blake and nelly dating

She would want to work with Darren Criss. She plays piano and guitar. She admits that being sexy makes her uncomfortable. She thinks being sexy is overrated. She thinks appearance doesn't matter and people shouldn't worry about it.