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glee artie and tina dating sim

Main · Videos; Glee artie and tina dating site. Tony: i would plop older colleges – for relationships. Colleges enumerate therein to wrack thwart any wrack. The Artie-Tina Relationship, also known as Tartie or Artina, is the relationship between Artie Abrams and Tina Cohen-Chang. Tina and Artie both appear to have been friends before joining Glee Club, possibly because of their similar intellects. She asks Mike Chang, who is known in. Blaine (Darren Criss) and Karofsky (Max Adler). Remember when Blaine moved back to Ohio and started dating the guy who made his ex-fiancé's high school.

Tell Puck, who has a hundred and one ideas about what to do in bed. Don't tell his best friend, who thinks sex is the price you pay for a spouse and kids. Drink a smoothie with Artie's mom.

Mike-Tina Relationship

Throw himself out of a window before his mom can ask him if he's still single. Because if there's one thing Mike's learned in his time in Glee club, it's that even if everyone has an opinion, only a select few really matter. Puck shook his head as if that would make Mike's few words make more sense. When things didn't suddenly become clear he asked, "What? Artie and Tina, or Matt and Santana.

Or I guess since Santana's not really monogamous and it won't have as much impact, maybe Matt and some random Cheerio? And I'll ask him if he believes certain passages of The Ethical Slut would work in our situation, and read them out loud.

Obviously he won't at first, but he'll have to think about why he doesn't. Hopefully he'll realise that his arguments are baseless. One of them is a genius, the other is insane. Me and Artie and Liz Schneider are all on the team. We've talked about it like ten times, how do you keep forgetting? It's, like, as bad as my I'm not in love with two people thing?

glee artie and tina dating sim

If Tina and Artie don't care that I'm pretending to date them, then I don't care about not actually dating for that long. I'll be busy choreographing us for Nationals anyway, as soon as we win Regionals. We'll 'break up' over the summer.

Hence my trying to find films. No kissing on the mouth, Chang. He shook his head. Mike "Can you believe my mom packed shrimp shumai in my lunch today?

glee artie and tina dating sim

It's like she's committed to being the Super Asian mom. Anyway, I hate shrimp; you're going to have to trade with me. You know your Brainiacs thing takes up way less time, and doesn't piss off your parents.

Next year you should ditch Glee and just do Brainiacs. What they don't know doesn't hurt them. And don't jinx us with no club next year.

If we don't move on to Nationals, the New Directions is disbanded.

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Her madness was the reason he'd refrained from dancing in public until Puck recruited him to Glee. He would never risk trying out for the Cheerios; it would mean having to deal with her personally. I think we're getting pizza too.

Lunch is about eating with Artie and Tina. A classic example was when his sister forced him to watch Ms America; it was fifty percent hot women in bathing suits, and fifty percent cracking up at all the 'If I ruled I'd irrigate crops in places for food' bullshit. He'd had a complete meltdown at finding out that Mike had promised to pretend to date two freshmen at once to get Mr Schue off Puck and Kurt and Finn's backs. Mike gave him a weary glare. Mr Schue's the lunch monitor. I have to eat with them in case he does a scan for his favourite students to make sure we're not being slushied or whatever.

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At least I have someone I could hand-feed. She'd totally let me, if I wanted to. Doesn't mean her actual boyfriend would like that. One thing you don't need to do is think this is more serious than it is. It's an act, remember? First day of summer break, you're off the hook. He'd made the offer to help his friends, and Artie and Tina had signed on to help in just the same way.

He wasn't really anything to them. Club and a member of the Academic Decathlon team as well.

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The other students hold a fund-raising bake sale, but although they make enough money to hire a bus, Artie requests that they donate it to the school to pay for more wheelchair ramps in order to benefit future students. He goes on a date with club member Tina Cohen-Chang Jenna Ushkowitzwho stutters, and explains that he was left paralyzed following a car crash when he was eight years old.

Glee - Tina talks about her stutter and Artie says he loves Tina 6x12

The two share a kiss, but Artie is hurt when Tina confesses she has been faking her speech impediment since the sixth grade. Tina publicly confronts him for this behavior, and Artie apologizes; they kiss and become a couple. She later presents him with research on the progress of spinal cord injury treatments, raising Artie's hopes that he may soon be able to walk again, but guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury Jayma Mays reminds him that testing for these treatments will take many years.

Artie comes to accept that he may never be a dancer, and tells Tina to choose another dance partner. The new football coach, Shannon Beiste Dot-Marie Jonesbelieves that Finn is colluding against her by forcing her to reject a wheelchair-dependent student, and drops Finn from the team. After re-considering she accepts them both. Brittany Pierce Heather Morris pairs with Artie for the duets assignment and competition, and they start dating.

Artie loses his virginity to Brittany, but before they compete Santana Lopez Naya Rivera tells him that Brittany only wanted him for his voice so she could win the competition. He is deeply upset that his first sexual experience was the consequence of such motivations, so he breaks up with Brittany and dissolves their partnership.

Artie later realizes he wants her back, and with encouragement from Puck, they start a real relationship. Later, Artie confronts Brittany: Artie deeply regrets his words and tries to salvage their relationship, but she refuses.

At the beginning of the third season, Artie, now a junior, is asked to direct the school musical, West Side Story. Though assailed by self-doubt at the last minute, he is thanked by the cast, and he thanks them for trusting him. At the end of the school year, Artie and the others lead New Directions to victory at the Nationals competition.

glee artie and tina dating sim

In the first episode of the fourth season, Artie chooses the new lead singer of New Directions, Blaine. Brittany runs for senior class president and picks Artie as her vice president, though they lose to Blaine and Sam.

glee artie and tina dating sim

Finn returns to McKinley, and Artie visits him at work and asks him to help direct Greasewhich Finn accepts.

In the episode " Glee, Actually ", after Artie injures himself on an icy ramp, he is angry and humiliated, and wishes he'd never had to be in a wheelchair.

Artie-Tina Relationship

A subsequent dream, in which he imagines himself walking, but where New Directions failed to get off the ground without his presence, makes him realize his importance to the club. He began dating his underclassman and fellow glee club member Kitty Wilde Becca Tobin at the beginning of the fifth season, but broke up with her after he graduated in the mid season, right after the glee club was disbanded.

He goes to a film school in New York. In the final season, Artie, still at the film school, comes back to McKinley to help Rachel Berry Lea Michele recruit new members for the newly rebooted glee club.