Dating someone with different music taste and intelligence

Understanding Deal Breakers: The Psychology of Music and Romance

dating someone with different music taste and intelligence

I was just wondering how much music taste mattered to you in a relationship? because every single person and every single relationship is different. use musical taste to judge whether or not they want to date someone. A person's taste in music normally says quite a lot about them as a person, have one massive thing in common, but it's also indicative of their overall personality. Dating someone with the same music taste means you can kick back and. Similar taste in music is one thing which people often initially P. & Zuckerman, M. in Personality and individual differences, 7(4),

Similar taste in music is one thing which people often initially connect around, because it is a way of signaling something about oneself. Some research indicates this is because music preference also signals values similarity.

How Liking Different Styles of Music Can Affect Relationships

However, relationship formation and relationship maintenance are two very different things. Even though musical taste can play a role in relationship formation, it drops off in importance as relationships progress. This is probably due to a concept I learned while an undergraduate student studying Family Science. In other words, if a couple is getting along, they will tolerate the differences in music, hobbies, entertainment choices, etc. In fact, differences can actually enhance the relationship by reciprocally influencing and broadening spousal interests.

Then, negotiate your differences by having your spouse teach you more about their interests. I am still in the process of understanding the finer points of basketball, and my husband is currently listening to my Bastille songs in preparation for an upcoming concert. What is it about watching dudes in spandex pedal on bikes forever that is entertaining to you? Just look at how far and how long they can go!

Until then, I will continue to play up our commonalities in other areas, and somehow we will survive.

dating someone with different music taste and intelligence

How shared music preferences in music create bonds between people: How is it that your brother can spend hours in his bedroom listening to pounding heavy metal while you close your ears with phones that have some easy listening tunes flowing through? Tastes in music can be influenced by our upbringing. Certainly, if you grow up in a house full of musicians, it is likely that you will have the love of it in some form.

dating someone with different music taste and intelligence

This is not, of course a sweeping observation. But it is true in my case.

Taste = Character?

I grew up having a guitarist father who tried to get me to like the piano. He frequently had the members of his band over to our house to rehearse. Unsurprisingly, I picked it up and taught music myself. We like certain types of music because of the influence of people around us. For many teenagers, this is certainly true.

11 Reasons You Need To Date Someone With The Same Music Taste As You

It definitely happened in my classroom. One of the girls, a ringleader of sorts, idolized Justin Bieber. Consequently, many girls in the class followed suit and I had an entire section of the board at the back of the classroom devoted to him fortunately, the principal did not fuss about this.

They watched many Bieber videos together after that. All because of the musical influence of one girl.

  • Understanding Deal Breakers: The Psychology of Music and Romance
  • Do Couples Need to Like the Same Kind of Music?

We are influenced by the music of our culture. I now take a look at how our musical whims are influenced by our cultures, speaking from the modern perspective of today. Whichever culture we grew up in has a large part to play in deciding what goes on our ITunes playlist these days. If we grew up in a family that listened mainly to Italian songs, it would not be surprising to find some of them, if not all, on the list.

If you grew up in a Korean family, many K-Pop songs would make up that list. Even with the advent of the MP4, Youtube or my favorite, ITunes, this still holds a certain degree of truth.

How much does music taste matter in a relationship? : Music

We can be influenced by the modern music of our cultures! How different tastes in music affect relationships To a greater or lesser degree, musical taste can make an impact on relationships. Music does wield a lot of power, for many engaging reasons. Music provides information about the other person. When a person tells you about his musical tastes, he tells you a lot about himself.

In this way, it is a valuable, interactive tool. People tend to like those who share their musical tastes.

dating someone with different music taste and intelligence

We tend to develop a liking for the people who share our musical preferences because of the common ground that is forged. A group of heavy metal and Hip Hop lovers were asked to evaluate the descriptions of people who had similar, different or no stated musical preferences.

They were also asked how similar they thought these people were to themselves.