Big bang top and park bom dating

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big bang top and park bom dating

A short TopBom (Springtempo) Oneshot all the way back to the early days of Big Bang when Bom had been .. It was dated for tomorrow. As you can see YG had set the dating rule for both Park Bom and Dara for 3 years since their debut day, so it's Top of bigbang and sandara park are dating ?. 'What's going on here?' I asked, pretty nervous now. 'Yes, I would love to know also.' TOP voices his opinion out. | Tags: 2ne1 bigbang bom top.

She had wanted this all her life and strived for it. She watched Top perform his part of the song, noticing how handsome he looked dressed in one of her favorite colors. Letting GD lead her to the back and then walking her back up front, she danced along as GD preformed his part, and then turned to walk toward Top.

She gently grabbed Top's face turning it so he would look at her. The smile crept into her voice as always when she looked into his eyes. She watched him lick his lips and felt the butterflies in her stomach start to take flight. But then she hid her reaction as he turned away too early. He's never done that before.

Scooting to the back, she wondered what was going on, but she knew that she didn't have to long to think on it as she danced around in a circle. She laughed to herself as she saw her dance partner was several feet away from her. Ever since he had danced with her with his hand around her waist, it had never happened again. Oh he still teased her and they had a friendly relationship, but she supposed that President had said something and since then he had backed off a little.

As she walked back to the front, she watched as Top held out his hand as she came forward. It was just a natural motion to place her hand in his and continuing on like it was nothing out of the ordinary. The reality didn't dawn on her until a few moments later to what was actually happening and she tried to pull her hand away, finding that she couldn't.

She glanced over at Top and noticed that he had a huge grin on his face. Feeling strangely happy, although extremely embarrassed, she tried again, this time succeeding. The song ended as she felt the platform lowering she shifted her gaze back to Top. He was smiling, looking extremely satisfied with himself as he politely pointed to her and said "Thank you Park Bom!

The rest of the show was on a live feed into the room, making it easier for her to watch. The camera man panned away from too much for her liking, but she didn't want to risk being seen by fans, so she stayed where she was.

After she had changed into her normal clothes and some sneakers, she curled on the couch. She let her manager know that she was ok for now, simply wanting to enjoy the show for a while. It was rare for her to have anytime alone and she knew he couldn't really complain as she was surrounded by family. He quietly left the room, simply letting her enjoy her small personal time. Top smiled to himself as he finished the last of his band duties and getting ready to leave. As he was walking down the hallway, he saw Bom's manager standing and talking to his own.

What is he doing here? Is Bom still here?

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Turning back around, he headed toward Bom's dressing room wanting to make sure that everything was ok. Quietly knocking on the door, there was no response on the other side.

Slowly he opened the door to peek inside. Leaning his head in, he found her asleep on the couch. She sleeps as much as I do. Silently he slipped inside and shut the door behind him. Walking up to her, he watched her sleep for a few minutes more before sitting beside her on the couch. She slowly opened her eyes, blinking several times to orient herself on where she was.

What time is it? I've told you that you can call me Seung-hyun," he said gently. I know but… well I don't know why I don't," she said sleepily trying hard to wake up.

But for now to me you're Top-ah. What are you still doing here? Bom blushed and looked down, unable to meet his tender gaze.

I should get going. I have to practice and come back to preform again tomorrow night.

big bang top and park bom dating

Our managers are right outside talking, I'll walk with you. As she walked up, she turned around, letting him slip the coat on her. He left his hands on her shoulders for a little longer than necessary. He felt her slowly turn around and then look up into his eyes. Top nodded yes waiting for her to continue. Now it's my turn to ask a question," he said as he opened the door for her and waited for her to pass by.

They were almost to their managers when he heard her say, "Looking for rainbows of course. Leaving him to wonder what exactly those words she had said meant. While almost everyone in the YG family watched 2NE1 TV, he knew that he really loved the parts that showed the goofiness of Bom the most.

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One thing he had noticed after watching both on and off screen was that when she clapped she looked up. Actually whenever she was happy about anything, she had a tendency to look up. He couldn't really understand why, it just seemed like it was one of the quirks that made her, well her. Even though, like him, she was the oldest in the group, she seemed to be the youngest with her outlook on life.

You only had to watch her a few times to know that she loved life. She loved living it, being a part of it and sharing it. Even when she was upset, she tried to smile through it. Except for that one time, he thought darkly. The only time that he had really seen her lose her smile and composure was the part of her in LA visiting her aunt's grave.

From what he had learned, she had to wait years before being free enough to go back and visit. He could still hear her gut wrenching sobs as she leaned over the grave, lovingly cleaning it off, as the sorrow came off her in waves. Something inside him broke as he watched the tears roll down her face and he soon found himself shouldering her pain, his own cheeks stained with tears. But looking at her now, he knew that when she looked up like that she was seeing something that no one else did.

big bang top and park bom dating

The smile she always had as she did so was always so glorious and filled with joy, you had no choice but to smile back. She made you feel happiness with her innocent inquiries or silly statements or actions that had won over many a heart. It had been several months since that small exchange had taken place with her. But it wasn't as if he hadn't seen her. They had promoted 'Oh Yeah' on several different shows, but between the success of her single and 2NE1's comeback and his schedule, meeting her would be impossible for any length of time.

Is top from big bang dating park bom

But it wasn't time that they had wasted. Once she had figured out what he had meant, he had been elated to find that she felt the same way about him.

He smiled as his mind went back to the long glances across the room, secret quick meetings well if he was being honest kisses in the deserted hallways, late night text messages and unnoticed touches when no one was looking.

But it had been a few weeks now of just text messages and he missed her. This was the reason he was still in the studio right now. He wondered if she was still here, but knew that the answer was probably not. She had a few more performances this week and photo shoots if he remembered correctly which meant that whenever she could sleep, he encouraged her to do so. The last thing he wanted was for her to fall ill again like she had last year.

Even though he knew she had had the flu, he knew it was worsened by her exhaustion. Sighing he walked toward the Big Bang practice room. Luckily for him it took him right past 2NE1's practice room as well. Out of habit he stopped in front, his ears straining to hear if Bom was inside.

She often told people that she was going to practice dance moves, but in reality she ended up searching things on the internet and singing to her favorite songs. Just as he was about to leave, he heard the voice he wanted to hear most drift through the door. Don't think that I'm not interested. I'm just playing hard to get So much about this crazy game they call love That I'm trying to understand, So could you be my best friend, Before you call yourself my man.

Making sure that the hallway was clear, he opened the door to the practice room excited that he had found her alone.

big bang top and park bom dating

He missed her and even if they only had an hour together he would take it. Not seeing her had been torture. Even though text messages and video chats between them were great, nothing was going to be better than holding her tight and speaking to her face to face. Listening to Bom sing was one of the things that gave him the most pleasure.

He loved the uniqueness of her voice. Even when he had been asked years ago, his answer was still the same today; there was no one in the world with a voice like hers. Smiling he stood behind her as she poured her heart into one of her favorite songs. When it ended he finally spoke.

Top wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her small form, while leaning down to bury his face in her long hair. He loved that she wore a slightly flowery perfume, but it was extremely subtle. Sighing contently he continued to hold her against him, "I've missed you. I've missed you too.

Leaning forward Top place a light kiss on her lips, drawing away he felt her lay her head against his chest and grab her wrists around his waist. It was nice to have her hold him and he loved the feel of her against him as well. They were the perfect fit. Honestly I just didn't feel like doing it even though Chaerin yelled at me to do so.

Soooo I started looking around on the internet and singing. I don't like learning the steps either and if you watch closely usually it's my version of the steps, but you have to make the effort at the very least. I've been dancing all day. I'm hungry but I can't eat, so I decided to sing and look at the computer for a while to distract myself. He didn't like that she did it so often.

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Usually it was under the pressure of her being compared to someone or the way she thought she looked in her short outfits. But I have to because of all the photo shoots we have coming. It's ok really, I promise not to make myself sick. Nothing you would be interested in, "said as she dove for the computer's mouse trying to close the windows before he could sneak a peek. Luckily he was quicker and taking over the mouse before she could get to it.

He didn't know whether to be annoyed, jealous or to simply laugh. In front of him was an article about another one of her idol fanboys. The number seemed to be growing and it didn't look like it would be stopping any time soon.

This one had said that he thought her doll-like face was beautiful and she had a wonderful singing voice. His companion said that when he had seen her in the hallway at a performance on a show, he was so shy he couldn't talk to her but he would like to one day have a conversation. What was he to do, he better than anyone else knew how beautiful she was inside and out. So he really couldn't blame them. He didn't like it, but he couldn't blame them. Glancing over at Bom he saw that she was blushing at being caught searching herself on the net, giving her a teasing smile he said, "I'm going have to lock you away.

One of these days you're going to fall for one of these young idols, I just know it. That would never happen. He clicked the window closed, standing up to lead Bom to one of the dark corners of the practice room.

Music was still playing the background as he sat on the floor, leaning against the wall. He sat her in front of him leaning her back against his chest. He lifted their hands up and lacing their fingers together in the air.

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Bom sighed contently as she sat in the arms of Top. When she had saw him her heart had picked up its pace and the excitement over took her. It had been weeks since she had seen him in person and she had missed him terribly. Seeing him made her heart soar and she wished that there were more times like this that they could share.

They sat quietly for some time. Finally she broke the quiet, "I wish we could do this more often. We could sneak away and do something then. Jiyong would cover for us. His mind drifted for a moment to the question he wanted to ask her. What do you see when you are so happy that you look to the sky? Whenever something good happens I believe it's the thing that we search for at the end of the rainbow.

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YG did not make any excuse for him, did not blame any ones and just waited for the investigation to be over, and was there. Even tho, he did not had to do it, he pay for all the expenses of the victim funeral as well. He still afraid of the public, and does not promote solos in korea. Some ugly people still call him a murderer.

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In this 2 cases what did YG did? But even then they still recived some hate and still does. Lets talk about seungri cases…. YG did not said anything more about the incident till he got in coma, and ONLY with the permision of his family decided to update about his health. Now Park Bom case. I love her, she deserve to be happy, and just like Bigbang members she made a mistake.