Bg1 mini quests and encounters dating

bg1 mini quests and encounters dating

BGQE is a mini-mod for all BG games: Baldur's Gate Mini Quests and Encounters Baldurs Gate Mini Quest and Encounters- Slime Quest Tulbor is missing. It adds several small quests and encounters to the game, including the "slime quest", jastey's former stand alone BG1 mini quest mod. Before. It's the gameplay that feels a bit dated. Instead of fully random encounters in the "exploration areas," why not pull from a pool of crafted encounters? I don't think you need full on large scale quests, or small quests even.

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It is worth mentioning however, that the side-quest Halfling Treasures is connected with Isabella and Ikros, which could be added when in Coast Way Crossing M7,3. Isabella and Ikros Meet with people staying in the small encampment In order to unlock this quest, you have to reach the northern encampment M8,2where you can find Isabella and Ikros.

After a short conversation, you will find out that these people are hunting a vampire, and you can help them complete their task. Express readiness to join their group, and after a moment, a vampire, Tsolak, will show up in the camp.

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During the conversation, you have to choose the dialogue options leading to the fight with the vampire. Engage the wolves The Tsolak encounter is very similar to the fights with other vampires. You have to be aware that he is able to drain life from the party members.

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This is not the end of the problems, because after a moment, a wolf pack will join the fight. During those encounters, try to take care of the weaker party members, because they can become a target of few wolves. The location of the coffin Tsolak will use the occasion, and run from the battle, but this is not a big problem.

bg1 mini quests and encounters dating

Talk again with Isabella and Ikros, who will give you a Wooden Stake. Embark during the day if needed, use the rest option in the direction of the cave located in the north-western corner of the map M8,4 and be sure to use the services of a thief, in order to disarm the four traps before the cave. The duration of the game time added by this mod is approximately 30 to 60 minutes, depending on playing style.

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The number of quests and some of the existing quests will be expanded eventually, and NPC interjections are in development. Slime Quest This quest is located in Beregost. If you pass one of the houses in the northwest, a woman dressed in red should approach you.

bg1 mini quests and encounters dating

There are some strange things going on in the house of her neighbor, and she wants your help. This release revises the quest to meet known compatibility issues and adds a more evil quest solution.

bg1 mini quests and encounters dating

Family Treasure Quest This quest is also located in Beregost. If you go into another house in the northwest, you will meet a strange couple. They obviously have a serious problem, but haven't talked to each other for some time now.

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Although it seems that they aren't interested in talking to you either, it might just be that you can solve the riddle and ease their worries Did you meet the desperate mother of two little children?

She has something important to do, and is in great need of a trustworthy person who will watch over her children while she is away. So, fearless monster fighter, will you be ready for this challenge? This quest is only solvable if the PC's reputation is higher than 12 or if the PC is a paladin.

bg1 mini quests and encounters dating

At the Nashkel carnival, you can find Tina. The young woman is another tragic soul in need of some money

bg1 mini quests and encounters dating