Austin and ally dating quiz

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austin and ally dating quiz

austin and ally dating quiz rating. stars based on reviews. () Show Banner Hide Banner Dating Service Website More Info Livelinks. [quiz=] but do you know who you'd be compatible with? Take this quiz to find out which Disney Channel boy you should date!. Take the Quiz: Austin and Ally Asks. Do you like Austin and Ally? Well let us see Who is obsessed with Austin and keeps dreaming that they are dating? Mindy.

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austin and ally dating quiz

Jiggle the lock again. Finally, set it to zero. She sounds like the girl I heard talking to someone over the phone. I do exactly what the girl said to do. I grab my things for next class. I've always loved to write. The ironic thing is, I can't write songs. I try to find room: I see a red-head that looks like he's going to the same place, I'm attempting to go to. I'm going to the same place. Dez told me on the way that we can sit anywhere we want.

Normally, I would sit in one of the corers, but I sit next to Dez.

austin and ally dating quiz

I walk up to Mr. The class is working on a short story that's due tomorrow, so I'll exempt you from that. However you can start the next assignment. You have to come up with an idea for a movie and write the trailer for it. It can be about anything.

Just make it school appropriate. I already have an idea. The movie will be about a boy and his older sister's relationship.

How she helps him get the girl. So basically what Jessica did for me and Avery.

austin and ally dating quiz

After Creative Writing is over, Dez shows me the way to music class. I'm really excited for this class.

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Music is everything to me. I don't care that my dad said I have a bazillion to one chance of making it Rockers and Writers. Music used to be everything to me. Marano is taking with the new kid. I can really see what he looks like. He just looks so much like… "Class, since the end of the quarter is coming, I have an extra credit assignment for you. In about every other class I have a, "A" in. Even my, "A" students can do this. What the assignment is, you have to write a song.

It can be about anything, just no rapping and make it school appropriate. It was to be at least two minutes long. Finally, for 10 bonus points, on the assignment, you can play an interments with it. It will be due in two weeks. Rubrics are in the front. I get up to get a rubric. I cannot let my older sister see me with a "D-" in music.

I start to think of my song. I really need to do well. Man this school is big. Not as large as my old one in NYC. After about two minutes, I find the math room. Today, the class is taking a short quiz so, you can just take a seat next to…hm Allyssa. She's at the last table on the right.

Allyssa is already there. She must be the girl I heard on the phone. Ally's POV Oh no. He's in this class. And I heard Mrs. R saying that he is sitting at my table. Our class had an odd number of students, so I was with nobody. The tables are big enough to sit two. Why does he have to look so much like…He sits next to me. Why am I telling him that? So remove everything from your table but a pencil. Once I get handed the quiz, I start. Math is really easy for me. Within 10 minutes I'm done. R interrupted you, you were saying that…" I say.

I can't help but wonder, what does D. Austin's POV I go to lunch. Thank god, because I'm starving. I get a turkey and cheese sandwich with lettuce, mayo, and bacon. I grab an apple, some potato chips, and apple juice. I get out of the lunch line. Now the worst part about being new: I see that red-head, Dez sitting with a shorter girl with long, curly, black hair. But, then I see, Ally. Maybe she's a social outcast too. I see Ally writing in a notebook.

Constantly, crossing out words. I look up from my apple. Ally is staring at me. Not rudely, but noticeable. It's just you look like someone that I used to know. I can leave if you want me to? But, I have a mysterious past. I'm just not comfortable tell you about it yet. As I get my things ready for Chemistry, Dez comes to me with the same short girl he sat with at lunch. I climb the two flights of stairs to go to my neighbor and friend, Mason's, apartment.

I knock on the door. In seconds, Mason and his blue eyes are at the door.

austin and ally dating quiz

I pick him up. Come on, at home I have a birthday surprise for you. I stare into my son's bright green eyes. Austin had walked closer to me, so that now the water was waist height for him. It's not that bad" Austin encouraged. I was now knee-deep in the water, and I was getting used to it. He grabbed my hand and started to pull me in.

Down" I yelled, kicking my legs out. I resurfaced and gasped for air, glaring at Austin who had come back up. He laughed and splashed water in my face. It soon became a splashing war between us, both of us laughing and splashing each other. When I was trying the get away from one of Austin's splashes, he grabbed my waist from behind and pulled me into the water with him.

Once my head was out of the water, I began to giggle uncontrollably, making Austin laugh too. Our eyes locked for a few seconds, and I felt my heart flutter. Another starfish to add to my collection! I'd totally forgotten he was there! Austin shook his head at our red-haired friend and turned back to me. I nodded my head in agreement. We reached our towels and sat down.

Trish was asleep, the magazine she had was lying face down. I turned it over, and it was open at a quiz page. I glanced at Austin, who was laying face-down on his towel. I was suddenly really interested in this quiz. The first question was 'Do you speak at least once a week?

Pancakes, basketball and Zaliens! I answered 'yes' and moved on to the next question. It read 'Do you ever notice him staring at you? Come to think of it, I have noticed Austin staring at me a few times. I answered 'yes' and moved on.

Real Life Couples of Austin & Ally

The next question was 'Does he initiate text conversations? I answered 'yes' again and read the next question. It said 'Does he drive you so mad you want to scream? Every time he's late to practice sessions, when he plays games with the Sonic Boom instruments, when he tries to touch my book, when he eats in the store, when-ok, you get the point.

I answered 'yes' and moved to the next question. It said 'Does he ever move away when you touch his arm?

Austin and Ally Dating Quiz

We're both really comfortable around each other. I answered 'no' this time and moved on to the last question, which said 'Does he compliment you regularly? You know what, he does!

Every day Austin tells me how awesome I am, or how he wouldn't be able to do what he does without me, or that I'm an amazing songwriter. I answered 'yes' for the final time and moved to the result box. It said 'Your friends are putting bets on when you'll get together'.

I read the explanation, which said that we were 'totally into each other' and that I should 'show him how I feel'. I thought that there was a possibility this quiz was correct, but I wasn't sure that Austin felt the same way. Wait, do I feel that way about him? Just a stupid magazine quiz" I replied, closing the magazine and shoving it in Trish's bag. I debated with myself if I should tell him or not. With Trish sleeping and Dez still swimming, now would be the perfect time.