Are tom and liza from big brother canada dating

Tom and Liza go home in double eviction episode of Big Brother Canada | Calgary Herald

are tom and liza from big brother canada dating

I AM SO SICK OF LIZA SHE JUST LATCHES ON TO EVERY SINGLE BB responded teasing the idea of him dating liza ('perhaps a former castmate of yours, jill? trash talking aaryn like bitch you were on big brother canada nobody cares I know Tom and Liza aren't well-liked, but I'd take any of them over freakin' AJ. Big Brother Canada: Alec asks Tom to apologize for exposing his d!ck on TV. Tom tells Liza that he is going to admit to Andrew that he was going to go . and @Dawgsbigbrother on Twitter for the most up to date spoilers. Liza Stinton was a houseguest in Big Brother Canada 1. Liza was in a showmance with Tom Plant, although she did have very strong feelings for Peter Brown.

Tom says its just a d! Topaz is livid about how Tom opened up the shower and exposed Alec. She is livid and wants to go confront Tom and freak out on him. She says that Peter wants to freak out on him too. Topaz says that she tried to talk to Alec but that he just needed 10 minutes to himself.

Big Brother Canada: Alec asks Tom to apologize for exposing his d!ck on TV..

Gary tells Topaz to give Alec his space right now. Topaz goes downstairs and hugs Alec. Aj tells Topaz that he heard what happened from Tom.

Aj says not cool.

are tom and liza from big brother canada dating

Topaz asks Alec if he wants to talk. She tells him that she heard what happened with you and Tom. Alec asks what, how did you hear about that?

Topaz says people are talking about it because Tom told everyone. Topaz asks if he is alright. Topaz stops talking about and brings up how Liza said she would rather be send out of the house for punching her than be evicted. Topaz says that she wants to beat the shit out of Liza. Then Topaz says that she would rather be evicted for punching out Tom for what he did to him. Topaz tells Alec that Suzette thinks him and Peter are running the house. Peter comes up to Alec and Topaz and asks if he is okay.

Peter says that he will say something to Tom if he wants. Peter then goes to confront Tom out in the backyard. Alec gets up and starts crying. Andrew hugs him and Alec starts crying. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Video of Alec crying over his pee-pee being exposed: Tom is in the backyard talking to Topaz that he feels horrible what he did. Tom says that he is sure big brother is going to want to talk to me about it now too. Tom says that he will wait to see what Alec wants to do about it.

The conversation turns to talking about Liza and how everyone wants her out. Topaz brings up how someone was spreading lies saying that Jillian was homophobic. Tom says that he heard about that too. Topaz and Tom talks about the nominations and why the whole house wants Liza out.

Topaz says that it was up to Emmett to show you the light about Liza. Topaz says we were going to win the POV and take you off to show you it was always about getting Liza out. Jillian says that Liza is throwing Emmett under the bus all over the place.

Alec says that he is fine he just wants to be alone. Out in the living room Emmett talks to Tom about what happened. Andrew was very in a very negative mood a lot of the time.

At first I loved the crap out of Andrew, we had so much fun together.

are tom and liza from big brother canada dating

Honestly, every gets pretty annoying in that house! Gary was the most annoying to live with, A. Jillian was a really tough competitor.

Her and Emmett pretty much lived in the HOH room which made for a very boring and predictable season. I would have picked Jillian to win if I had served on that jury. But he was also a tough competitor.

BB DAILY: Tom & Liza!

Gary got Tom and I out. Had Gary not been voted out and then came back in, he definitely should have won. Because of that though, for the integrity of the game, I would have voted for Jillian. Who was your biggest BB US influence? I just went in there being myself playing how I wanted to play, which we saw how that worked out… not so well.

Those are my favourites. I love villains and villainesses. She was evicted fifth in a surprise double eviction with her main squeeze Tom, who was evicted fourth, just moments before her. I felt I disappointed my friends and family by not making it farther.

LIVE with Tom and Liza from Big Brother Canada –

But when I look back I am so happy I was evicted when I was because I watched my friends walk out the door ahead of me… especially when my friend Tom left that night… and I looked back and saw some cougars who wanted to pounce on me and tear me apart… I mean they all hated me. I have my own business, I have beautiful friends and family and a great life here. So being evicted when I did and coming back to my wonderful life, and being evicted with Tom, was incredible.

Talla, and Andrew with the infamous Slop Bucket. In 10 years time who will you still be friends with from the cast? I will be friends with Aneal and A. I met both of their families and they are lovely.

When I met up with A. Those are my kind of people. Did you go into Big Brother for professional reasons, to promote your salon, or the books you want to write? Or are you an excitement junkie, for the fun of it, and of course for the chance at the big money, the car, etc.

are tom and liza from big brother canada dating

It was all about fun, anything else, the publicity, etc, has been a bonus. I had been a huge fan of the show in the US. I was addicted to the first 10 seasons. I felt I was always made for television.

I did make the semi-finals for BB US at one point. Big Brother was the only reality show I ever really wanted to be on. The very second that I heard that it was coming to Canada I just went for it. Given the very nature of the show Big Brother, is the cast contractually bound to any kind of confidentiality?

Has anyone from the cast been to your Tanning Spa yet? I worked here for 10 years, worked part-time, fulltime, was the marketing director, then the manager, left for a bit then came back.

Two years ago there was an opportunity to buy the place. But I was in no way committed or monogamous to this person whatsoever. I went on the show absolutely single and I remain absolutely single. From your many hammock chats, it seemed like you were really trying to break away anyways.

Big Brother Canada: Emmett tells Alec his plan to back door Liza

Holy crap, you really know me! I found your non-game chats completely fascinating, which is why you were my favourite female contestant this season. Of the males, I was rooting for Andrew.