Allison and gabby dating advice

15 Amazing Times Gaby Dunn And Allison Raskin Were Actual #FriendshipGoals

allison and gabby dating advice

BuzzFeed alums Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin of Just Between Us talk show, Just Between Us. Raskin and Dunn dish out funny advice, perform in HG: Does your relationship with the JBU audience differ from your. Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin are best known for Just Between Us, the very popular YouTube channel created by the comedic duo, which has over , Below, Gaby and Allison interview each other about their co-writing . to try to date women in college, but I was still quiet about it and weird.

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allison and gabby dating advice

I Hate Everyone But Youwhich will be released September 19,is an epistolary novel of emails and texts between two best friends who separate for the first time for the first semester of college. What was your favorite part about writing this book?

I meant the process, with me by your side! Having finished, having written the book. I think my favorite is probably, we were writing it over the course of my birthday in June, and for my birthday I got a bunch of candy from a couple different people because my candy game is strong I guess?!

And then we got to eat the candy while we wrote the book, and that was definitely a highlight for me. Yeah, I think one of the best days was the candy day… Allison: We had multiple candy days!

allison and gabby dating advice

That was so much candy! We had days and days of candy! Do you think the days we were eating candy were when the book is the most manic?

The real in-betweeners

My answer was going to be, like, seeing what came out of your mind, working together to think about what is important to us. I was so so sad about fighting but then through it we got to this place where we realized what the conflict of the book should be.

Like we were so work-focused and so mad but then we were like, oh, this should go in the book. Do you have a journalism background? Actually, I want to go back and change one of my answers.

allison and gabby dating advice

I loved writing the fake articles, and I loved writing the fake screenplay. The freedom to explore formatting was really interesting and fun, and I think not something we saw in our initial idea, but made so much sense once we were doing it.

One of the characters is a reporter and one is a screenwriter, so some of the chapters are a script and some are fake articles. To circle back around to your question re: I definitely had really good ones, I definitely had really bad ones — you know, I felt very helpless, I felt very helped — and just showing the range of that in the book. Dunn has always wanted to write a book.

So, when she finally got the opportunity to do this, she saw it as not only the achievement of a long-time goal, but as an opportunity to do something important.

And to make a difference too, right? Because young people are so hungry for representation and content. At least, it did for me.

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So, we thought if we can help with mental health depiction, if we can help with LGBT community depiction in fiction, where it really sticks with young people, then we definitely should.

Dunn also says that Gen is exactly as self-righteous, ambitious, and impulsive as she was when she was eighteen. Have you met an eighteen year old?

I was the worst!

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She also wants people with fluid sexualities to be normalized. One say she and Raskin tried to do this is through Alex, a trans man, and the main love interest for Gen in the novel.