Aang and katara age difference dating

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aang and katara age difference dating

Sokka was Katara's older brother, with an age difference of one year. The Water Tribe siblings were arguably the most dynamic familial relationship shown in the . Katara is a fourteen-year-old waterbender (i.e., she has the ability to telekinetically She and her older brother, Sokka, discover an Airbender named Aang, the. 70 year time gap Current Year ASC Aang Dies at (66 if you subtract frozen time the creation of a live action re-imaging of ATLA, date of release and details TBD. . Sokka died by the beginning of Korra. If we consider a 5 year age difference between youngest and oldest siblings in groups of 3.

You see, as Jana summed up: What is missing in there is a single scene on how Katara feels about the situation. Especially the way these two are drawn. There is something just…off, about a sixth grade boy having a full on make-out sesh with a high school girl. Then, sue me, but Katara took on a very maternal role with Aang.

However, Katara is 14 going on 25, while Aang is just, Aang. I would argue that Avatar: For every moment of potential romantic interest from Katara, we were given a moment of confusion, or hesitance, or complete disinterest, even.

In fact, in the last season, Katara was shown to be uncomfortable each time Aang kisses her, and even went as far as to tell him to back off with the romantic stuff in the episode before the finale, because she was confused about how she felt. Yet in the end, she just trots out and blushes at Aang, then happily makes out with him when he goes for it, so I guess the confusion was because she ate a bad burrito.

Except she wanted to be with him in that last scene, so I guess that meant she had been interested. The post-canon comics only furthered the lack of exploration of her feelings in this relationship. In fact, her position as his girlfriend informed her character actions first and foremost. Or rather, not having those emotional needs ever articulated or explored by the media in which she appears.

The Promise was one of the worst offenders with this regard, since Katara got a mini-arc where she had to learn to be okay with Aang showing off for a gaggle of girls who were obviously flirting with him. But hey, at least Katara got her time to shine in North and South, right? Then, sadly, The Legend of Korra furthered this discomfort as well. Jana lays it out once again: Katara only ever gets carted out when Korra needs high-class healing, and even there Katara kinda fails both times.

Did the writers just forget she had the ability? But it is there, and quite unfortunate, which matters. Especially with her whole willingness to go to extremes at times, and her stubbornness, and the darker aspects of her personality… Though who needs that, when we can have these fist-pumping character moments: Right, because Katara had no sympathy for Azula in the finale or anything. See, he started out the show having a crush on her. Again, normal and something you learn as you grow up.

Katara sympathized with her grandmother's decision, as she also faced the Northern Tribe's prejudices against its female citizens. Katara's mother, Kya, was an extremely important figure in her life, with her death having a traumatic impact on both Katara and Sokka.

Kya was killed during a Fire Nation raid on their village when Katara was young, forcing her young daughter to take on a maternal role in her family. Her only inheritance was a necklace first owned by her grandmother, [15] passed down to each generation as a family heirloom. In a courageous act to save her daughter who happened to be the said target, Kya lied to the leader of the raid, saying she was the last waterbender.

Katara tried to avenge her mother's death by killing the soldier who murdered her, but ultimately spared him due to an ethical conflict. She prized the betrothal necklace given to her by Kya, it being the only material object she had left to remember her.

Katara later named her only daughter after Kya, in memory of her mother. Pakku "It is respectful to bow to an old master, but how about a hug for your new grandfather? You and Gran-Gran must be so happy to have found each other again! Well… he wasn't interested in the part about birth, but he was a little more interested about the beginning part.

He was sixteen years old, after all, and definitely not cold blooded. His father swept into the room, all smiles and cheer as he moved to the woman's side, complementing her on her beautiful baby. The woman blushed slightly and thanked the Avatar for his kind words.

Tenzin glanced at his mother and saw that she was smiling too.

aang and katara age difference dating

She was the official midwife for every birth on the island, except for the births of her own children, but she took just as much pride in midwifery as she did in the births of her own children. Katara smiled at her youngest son and moved over to him. Their eyes met over their new daughter and they answered without a doubt.

Tenzin was now close enough to see her, a pudgy little thing. She looked just like any other newborn to him, but he didn't have the eyes of a parent like the others in the room did.

On that day, he honestly did not see anything special about her. Tenzin honestly did not notice anything that set little Pema apart from the rest until she was ten years old.

Up until that age, she had been content to play with the other children her age on the island.

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Of course, playing with the other children meant playing with Avatar Aang. All of the children, every single one of them, viewed Aang as a fun uncle and he more than welcomed their company, and they adored him. After all, no one could toss them as high as Aang could. Well, no one except Master Tenzin, if they could get him to play. Play was something that Tenzin had never really been good with. He had been born with the weight of the Air Nomads on his shoulders and took his responsibilities very seriously, even from a young age.

Some of the children had begged and begged, but Tenzin had always calmly referred them to his father. Pretty soon, the children stopped asking. But Pema was different. It was not long after she turned ten years old that she started to follow Tenzin around everywhere like a turtle-duck following its mother.

aang and katara age difference dating

Tenzin was uncharacteristically tolerate of his little shadow because she was quiet and did not interfere with his training. She watched quietly as he meditated, looked over his shoulder as he read Airbending scrolls, followed his graceful movements as he expertly wove his way through the Airbending gates used in his earliest training, and even refrained from laughing when his older brother, Bumi who was visiting at the time got the jump on him and scared him back into the spinning gates for a painful beating.

Everyone on the island knew that Pema was quite taken with the Airbending Master and had a crush on him, but no one knew if Tenzin was aware of it. It only took five more years for the whole situation to explode. Pema had stopped following Tenzin's every waking move, so many assumed that her crush on the older man had ended.

aang and katara age difference dating

Only she knew that it hadn't. She was older now, nearly an adult, and with the passions of a woman. But Tenzin… he wouldn't look twice at her, and who could really blame him?

When she was a baby, he had all ready been a man. He was twice as old as she was, for crying out loud! Sure, age differences were not considered a big deal. Almost every couple that she knew of had differing ages, but how could you overcome a sixteen year age difference?

That was the sort of thought that lead Pema to seek solitude in the night. She would travel down to the lake, stare up at the moon, and think. Her heart was heavy with unrequited love. When she looked at Tenzin, she didn't see a man twice as old as she was, she saw a man that she loved with every fiber of her being.

She knew it, she knew her heart because of her mediation, and she knew that it was Tenzin who resided there. The young woman was overwhelmed with emotion and began to weep.

She had barely even begun to get her tears out when a voice spoke up behind her. It was one of the last people that she wanted to see: Tenzin's mother, Master Katara. The Waterbender was past her prime now, but still considered one of the world's greatest masters. She was respected everywhere, both as a Waterbender and the Avatar's wife. Pema ducked her head in embarrassment, wiping at her tears.

She should have realized that the full moon would draw the Avatar's wife down to the water. Most of the time, Avatar Aang joined her, but he didn't seem to be there tonight. Katara sighed and gazed back up at the Temple. Pema took a deep breath and sighed. For a moment, Katara didn't respond. She knew, without a doubt, that Katara would know who she was talking about when she answered, and she had no idea how Katara would react.

It was, after all, her youngest son. She knew, right away, who Pema was talking about. She remembered, just like everyone else, the months that Pema had spent trailing Tenzin.

Whether you like it or not, that age difference will affect your… relationship. The first and foremost thing that you have to understand is that, even if he does return your feelings, he cannot make his move right now. If a grown man were to start a relationship with you while you were still a child, it would be viewed as inappropriate.

If you had a suitor closer to your age, he would be able to court you now so that you could marry when you turn sixteen. But a man does not have that luxury. He has to wait until after your sixteenth birthday before he could approach you without it being improper. Even then, people will still look down on it.

What I'm telling you, Pema, is to give Tenzin a little more time. If he has feelings for you, he will approach you after your sixteenth birthday, but no sooner. Can you be patient with him? She was feeling better now, so she began to leave, but then she stopped in her tracks, turning back to the Waterbender.

Did you or Avatar Aang have to be patient when you were courting?

aang and katara age difference dating

He is two years younger than you. It was improper and highly immoral! His father once told him that the Air Nomads were considered to be the ultimate moral contradiction. There was no doubt that they were the most moral of the four nations, but there were other fields were the Air Nomads were considerably less moral than the other nations.

Love was one of those fields. Back when the old Air Nomads were still alive, they were the only nation that legally recognized a marriage between two people of the same sex. The Air Nomads also found lovers, husbands, and wives among the other nations; another thing that was mostly looked down upon at the time. Age differences were hardly worth thinking about. But even the old Air Nomads drew lines in some places: Thankfully, incest was never a problem for Tenzin.

He loved his siblings, but he didn't like them.

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He hardly saw them anymore anyway, both of them having left Air Temple Island years ago to begin their own lives and their own families. In this, Tenzin was eternally grateful that they were not here to see him taking such an interest in a mere child. Sure, she was nearly a woman now, but he could not get the fact out of his mind that he was thirty-one years old, over twice her age! She should have been taking an interest in young men her own age, and there were a few on the island.

But he'd seen the way she behaved around him: When he was around her, he felt like a dirty old man and it made him sick. Everything had been going fine until she hit puberty and began the transformation from girl to woman. It used to be that she could trail a few steps behind him constantly and he wouldn't notice; now his eyes followed her wherever she went.

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He sat up in bed, realizing that he would be getting no sleep tonight. If he wasn't going to get some sleep, then he might as well mediate. He didn't bother to get into his standard mediation position: He did this for all of five minutes before he realized that it wasn't working. For the first time, his method of calming down had failed him.

No matter how many times he tried to clear his head, it always returned to Pema and how she'd be sixteen in a few weeks. What does it matter if she's sixteen? That still won't change the fact that I was sixteen and an adult when she was a newborn.

Someone walked past the door and his poor mediation was broken easily.